Drabble - Like Ashes

Sep 28, 2009 01:04

Since I've had menstruation on the brain, here's a drabble.

Title: Like Ashes
Timing: The morning after NFA
Rating: PG
Pairing: Faith/Angel
Summary: Angel faces a sad truth.


The sky is grey when he opens his eyes, the first rays of sun pressing through the blinds. He watches the triangle of light against the wall grow minutely. It means the world ( Read more... )

angel/faith, fic, drabble, menstruation

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clawofcat October 21 2009, 16:31:32 UTC
Thanks for the lovely feedback, doll. Always nice to get a comment from you. I like this, too, but when you said this is one of the best i've read I just thought surely you jest. I'm not much a drabbler and as you can see not many people have read it.

You do know that you won two awards for Angels and Gemini at Fang, right? So proud of you. There was much hand clapping on my part when they announced on Monday.

How's the Bangel coming? I'd like to see something soon, if possible. My own deadlines are making me antsy and I want to devote proper attention to yours, since I figure there's going to be more than one round of edits.

Having an extraordinarily hard time with my SS fic. Lots of obstacles I'm facing. I was actually going to give up yesterday, but Gus convinced me not to and I had a long convo with my mom. She had some truly excellent ideas and advice for how to bypass what's been holding me up. She's been reading and editing my writing for so long, sometimes I think she knows it best. Doesn't hurt that she's watched the show and can talk about characterization, too. She'll definately be getting a beta credit on this one. I feel like she snatched me from the flames. I've been doubting myself a lot lately. I've been so insecure on this story and I wonder if I've just lost it - I'm no good anymore. Hopefully I can rise to the occasion.


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