Drabble - Like Ashes

Sep 28, 2009 01:04

Since I've had menstruation on the brain, here's a drabble.

Title: Like Ashes
Timing: The morning after NFA
Rating: PG
Pairing: Faith/Angel
Summary: Angel faces a sad truth.


The sky is grey when he opens his eyes, the first rays of sun pressing through the blinds. He watches the triangle of light against the wall grow minutely. It means the world hasn’t ended.

A finger prods the corner of his mouth, tip pressed to tooth until he reluctantly opens. His gums itch, eyes widen, brow furrows.

“Not like you haven’t had it before,” she says.

When Faith withdraws, brushing his lip with her pinky, he balls his fists. Her hand gleams with clotted blood.

His world is ash, but tastes like heaven. Tears fall unbidden with the irony.

angel/faith, fic, drabble, menstruation

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