ephemeral fandom

Dec 29, 2013 01:05

Planning a lazy night and feeling nostalgic, I started going through my old Smallville links. Most were from 2002-3 and... not one site existed anymore, except a rec list on a lj entry.

Maybe even worse, I couldn't really remember what the sites had been (hey, it's been 10 years... wow 10 years). Though the names almost gave enough to tease at the edge of my memories. I had really loved them at the time, I'm pretty sure, but now I can barely remember anything. The Storm Cellar? A Thousand Churches? A website called slashdom.com? Angelfire and geocities error pages. Sites that probably once hosted vids going by their titles, but now just return odd error messages, "Http/1.1 Service Unavailable."

LJ has weirdly been pretty archival (except for the now locked and purged journals). Here's hoping Ao3 sticks around. And I guess I really should download anything I don't want to ever lose.
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