Agent Carter short

Aug 24, 2013 18:31

Wow, the Agent Carter short was way better than I expected.

She was really great in the Captain America movie, and even though she was probably there as "the love interest," whoever did the actual writing made her more than that. I went out of that movie liking her and wanting to know more. So I loved that they made a short about her!

And even though it kinda hits you over the head with it, the short is wayyy more feminist than I would have thought. Maybe mainstream things can address "isms" when they're (in theory) safely in the past? Though the post-credit Howard and "bikini" part was an ~interesting contrast to the main. A bunch of different ways to read that, though I think it was actually very smart storytelling as much as it was heheheh or even undercutting on the surface. Overall I loved that Peggy did have a Howard to help her out. So many awesome women didn't. But I love a happy ending! And Peggy running SHIELD oh yeahhh. :DD

This makes me have hopes for shorts for other characters that the suits worry couldn't carry a movie.
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