movies: Life of Pi and Moulin Rouge and Singing in the Rain

Jul 19, 2013 05:28

Random thoughts on movies I've just seen

Life of Pi
Pretty visuals. I cried. So cool! But then the end... um it actually DOES make a difference which story is true!! In one THE TIGER LIVES!!! (and maybe is hanging out in the jungle in Mexico... and maybe something should be done about that?)

Like, ok symbolism, but Pi claims the stories are equal and No. The tiger living or drowning is not a minor detail, especially if we are having themes about souls and humans vs animals and vegetarianism! (Plus that poison island seems very cool and if it is real people should look for it.)

So if I'm understanding the "And so it is with God" bit, this basically means I'm a total atheist... or something? Since I think what "really" happened is usually more interesting and revealing than someone's predigested attempts to simplify it all with metaphor to tell me how I *should* interpret events. And dude, don't lie to me that the tiger lived if he really drowned and you just were talking about the savagery of your own human spirit or something. >:( Though maybe I misunderstood as I have no poetry in my soul?

Still, a v cool movie with amazing visuals and I cried. A+

Moulin Rouge
Visuals were amazing, music.... did not quite work for me, though the "like a virgin scene" was funny if I didn't think about it too much, and everyone involved obviously had a blast. Also, wow the hero is a total douche. He whines on and on about love, but I don't think he considers his lover's pov or desires or convenience for one second. I wish the prostitute/actress had ditched everyone. Still, amazing visuals and cool secondary players.

Singing in the Rain
Man this movie is still awesome, and I'm a sucker for the singing and dancing and Gene Kelly and Donald O'Connor are very attractive as they dance in old fashioned clothing. Seeing it again, I do feel a little bad for the "evil" blonde actress, though. I feel almost like they had to add some mwhahaha evil to her, because if you take that away, what the guys were trying to do to her and did was kinda shitty. Still, totally a charming movie. And I had forgotten the dance parts with Cyd Charisse. Really awesome.
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