Hunger Games and Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell

Jul 19, 2013 05:07

Thoughts/reviews of books I read traveling:

nutshell: Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell is better written, but Hunger Games is a better book for my money. Both have very cool cover design.

Some (minor) plot spoilers, so I put everything behind a cut.

Hunger Games )

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amanuensis1 July 19 2013, 17:16:40 UTC
I experienced JS & MN as an audiobook for my first go and was captivated. I can see how that was absolutely the right call to make for that book; having a deliciously plummy narrator deliver it with exquisite deliberation makes it all the more "of course this is the most natural turn of events" for the listener.


cellia July 19 2013, 18:08:25 UTC
Oh, that sounds very nice! But, wow, it must be hours and hours long! How did they handle the footnotes?

I think it's definitely a book one (or I at least) must be in the proper mood for-which I can see a book on tape helping with. And perhaps reading it in small, savored bits over a longer period of time would be more rewarding.

I probably read it in the exact wrong way to enjoy it, especially with my personal tastes already making it an uphill battle. It truly is an amazing piece of craft, just I couldn't help feeling it was bloodless and focused on all the least interesting things in the end.


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