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Random thoughts:

Yes! All IM movies should end with Pepper saving the day. I wish there had been a little less damsel-in-distress in her underwear, but Tony and Rhodey were both strung up too (alas not in undies), so it wasn't quite as unbalanced as it could be. I also like the idea of her being indestructible, and the twist that Pepper, not Tony is enhanced. (I assume she's "fixed" at the end, but who knows what that means.) Also loved her white suit. (Pepper's outfits have all been awesome.) And that she's still CEO. And that she and Tony seem to have a fairly functional relationship.

I would never have guessed that an adorable child was what I wanted in IM3. I loved how he and Tony seemed on about the same level. I loved Tony's fame working for him in certain ways. Gary was... lolol.

I was wondering how they'd handle the Mandarin without it being horribly racist. But they did it! Awesome awesome.

I like how Tony's villains are basically evil powerful white dudes. Reflections of the evil he could be.

I was ok with how Maya's story ended up, though I was a little sad to see her die. I know she does in the comics, but movieverse is pretty different, so I had a slim hope. I liked that she had a moment with Pepper, and I felt that that was perhaps what was really important to her final change of heart. I loved that she really did take Tony back to her room to look at some science (as well as sleep with him).

Liked that we got more Rhodey and that he got some hero time of his own. Really got a sense of him and Tony as friends and brothers-in-arms. Also WarMachineRox! lolol Also, he was very buff and nice to look at.

Liked Happy (lol long hair and badge-checking).

Really well-paced. It's a very long movie, but pretty much zips along and the action was almost never monotonous. Loved when Tony was fighting with just the boot and the glove. Loved all the different armors and the strategy of leaping in and out of them. Loved the airplane scene.

There were a lot of things that echoed the comics (Happy in a coma, Tony fighting with just parts of the suit, all the different armors, iron patriot etc), but mostly visually. This was still pretty cool and imho a smart way to nod to an often confusing and convoluted comic canon.

lolol the end after the credits

Basically this movie was a DELIGHT
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