Mar 26, 2013 02:12

Just realized I never posted about going to Escapade, and even though it's a bit late and I've forgotten many things, I feel I should signal-boost about this con's existence ( Read more... )

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nikibee March 26 2013, 09:29:12 UTC
What is this question-mark-yay?? Watching Teen Wolf is a definite yay!

Escapade was awesome. I am currently on the hunt for more slash cons to go to.


cellia March 27 2013, 08:14:29 UTC
It is fun, but I wonder if brain cells are dying as I enjoy it and the fic? I feel like I should finally get into The Good Wife or something that is supposed to actually be quality tv...

Let me know if you find any other cons to go to!


nikibee March 27 2013, 08:31:36 UTC
Ohhhhh, The Good Wife is amazing. Yes, watch it.

I've also just started Game if Thrones, which is good.

I will keep you updated on the con front. :)


(The comment has been removed)

cellia April 16 2013, 02:18:46 UTC
Hey! :DD


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