It's the Opening Song, it doesnt have a title no...

Feb 08, 2009 17:48

Megaupload Leftovers!
^click me^

Lots of random stuff I've uploaded for people in various communites....if you're lurking, feel free to take and/or share the links! I really dont care....

There are a few cast recordings (annie ost, spamalot obcr, the color purple obcr, i love you because oobcr, hairspray obcr, you're a goodman charlie brown revival, billion dollar baby, RENT obcr, tick tick boom), some frank sinatra, the ting tings, she and him, idina's gorgeous remixes, duffy, elton john, paula abdul.....just alot of random stuff. haha

kyxy is an idina menzel interview is a few random shoshana bean songs
Sara Songs is a folder with random Sara Ramirez songs

if there's something you want more of, just ask. no worries


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