Lunch with Bernadette!

Mar 01, 2009 00:06

Ok, so today was totes Bernadette Peters'(s) birthday! And she totally turned....wait for it.....wait for it.....61! I know right, how crazy is that?!?!

So since it was raining out side, and I dont have my phone, so that means virtually no contact with anyone, I watched some random Bernadette youtube videos.

I'd like to sing it.
For you now.

ETA. When I stared this post it was yesterday, and now yesterday was totes Ms. Peter's birthday. LOL
Also, I know this has nothing to do with having lunch with her at all. And I actually didn't even talk about lunch or food. But in case you were curious, I had tuna melts...again. Do you think Bernadette likes tuna? lolz.  But I really love that line in tos, about lunch with Bernadette, did you see that they actually got to have lunch with her? How cool! maybe they had tuna!! Who knows?

Ok, So we're going to start with my earliest BP memory, and of course that would be Annie. As I've said before, that was my fave movie when I was 5, and I knew all of the words, songs, etc....

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Next, I totally used to LOVE the Wonderful World of Disney made-for-TV movie version of Cinderella....

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Ok, you guys know I love Idina, right? I love her so much, I allow her to share MY birthday. I love her so much I paid 25 bucks for the crappy fan club. I love her so much I have I Stand lyrics engraved on the back of my iPod. So, with that being said, NOBODY can top Bernadette's 'Unexpected Song.' NO. ONE. Not even Idina. Sorry, Y'all. But it's true.

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Here, again is another song that Idina has sung, and Bernadette sings better
I mean, what? Idina, I love you seriously! And when you turn 61 I totally promise to celebrate in a bigger and better fashion. How about that?

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Now, just a few videos of Bernadette being cute. LOLZ!

image Click to view

^Does anyone remember Classic Rosie? Gosh, I used to LOVE that show....and her! And I loved that she always always always featured Bway peeps! UGH...We need a new Rosie. Someone mainstream who loves and promotes Bway and happiness!

/end mini rant.

Oh, and the movie that Beradette was promoting, with LeAnne Rhimes, I've totally seen. I saw it this past Christmas on Lifetime, and I only watched it because Bernadette was in it. It was cute.

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^I actually used to watch What's My Line on GSN when I was little! LOL. I was such a strange kid.

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^How retro is that? Sonny and Cher?!?! Really? And the funniest thing is, she still kinda looks the same. lol. LOVES IT.

And I dont care what anyone says...sometimes Bernadette Peters > Idina Menzel. Sorry kids. But y'all know I love my Idina too!!!

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