Client Confidential (Jared/Gen, NC17)

Feb 07, 2014 23:56

Claiming a kinkmeme fill as mine rather early because it had an open italics tag and an *egregious* typo or two which have bugged me since posting. Tidied up a little here.

Title Client Confidential
Pairing Jared/Genevieve
Fandom CW RPF
Rating NC17
Warnings A/b/o and focus on alternative biology here. Also, all of the plot is in the prompt, and the fic is 5000 words… PWP.
Words 5300
Prompt For the kinkmeme prompt, Gen's a virgin Alpha who's a little insecure about her lady-Alpha equipment (whatever you want that to be). Jared's the Omega hooker she hires to get her through her first time. Feelings?

It's the fist that really does it for Gen. Ben with one hand in the opposite elbow, jerking up the free fist and, "And I was like uh, take it, bitch, and that fucking little O, she took it like, Oooh, you're soooo biiiiig, and she couldn't even tell it was my fucking arm-"

Ben, needless to state, is a jerk. Even among Alphas, he's pretty close to unbearable. But. The way the other Alphas laugh is complicit That dumb Omega don't even know when she ain't gonna get a knot, and not jeering like Dude, your dick ain't all that. Which means that unfortunately porn doesn’t lie. Or not completely. Alpha dicks are monsters.

Correction: Alpha male dicks are monsters. Alpha females', clearly, not so much. It's not that Gen doesn't have a knot. Of course she does. It's just, she doesn't have the rest.

Sure, there's health class which should clarify this stuff, but no ordinary high school has time to run enough classes to cover the less common gender permutations. So Gen sat through beta girls' and the Alpha classes and she's really not that much the wiser. There was only one other Alpha girl at high school, and Adri was basically an Alpha guy with tits (or so it said in the ladies room), who furthermore didn't even really notice Gen was alive, and liked to fuck girls, so her apparent expertise was pretty much out of Gen's reach. Also, she was intimidated.

She's tried porn, but there again, her permutation is kind of niche, and that leads nowhere good. She found one really, really softcore A!f/O!m, which was allllll about the snuggles and the licking, and about forty really, really hardcore ones with the guys being locked up, tortured and pissed on and other things Gen has no intention of doing to a boyfriend (because, really, why would you- eh, sex is weird, is her eventual conclusion). So. This got her very little further forward except to observe that on the rare, rare occasions they actually had sex, the guys seemed to enjoy it. But then, they mostly seemed to enjoy getting pissed on too, so it was probably contractual. For all she can tell, they'd way rather have Ben with his fist up their ass than some teensy girlie parts.

So. This is why Gen has a card in her hand that reads Omega Encounters, with a cellphone number and a little cartoon of a smiling guy. She likes that the card isn't tacky or trying to be romantic. The guy has a good smile, which may be fictitious, but she likes as a marketing approach. And he's not a complete unknown. Danneel is the one who got her the card. Danni's an Omega, but she's really adventurous, and she came up to Gen a couple weeks back and handed over the card. "I got it from my beta. Well, not actually my beta, but through him. Jensen took me to this swingers party, and they had hookers for some people with more specialised needs-" Yep, that's Gen, over there in niche corner. Or, you know, niche niche. "And there was this O guy, who was- Man, he coulda passed for Alpha, if it wasn't for the 'mones. Really big, and really built, and best of all, he's a hooker." Danneel beamed at Gen, "Which I just perfect, right? He could see you started off, and he'll have seen all sorts. And he definitely likes girls, cuz he was with one, or maybe two, I got distracted-"

Well, it's not actually perfect. Perfect would be boyfriend material, with a side of nice, reassuring experience. But Gen's been holding out for that awhile, and it's her birthday, and it's a bigger birthday than she ever planned on while still being a virgin, so maybe, possibly, this isn't the worst idea in the world for a birthday treat.

She dials. Gets voicemail. Shit. "Uh, could you call me back? I'm interested in your services for tomorrow, if you're not, you know, booked or-"

The voicemail clicks off and a real voice says, "Hello? Sorry, I was getting laundry-" Which really does nothing for the hooker mystique but makes Gen feel a lot better. Especially when it's followed up with, "Crap, sorry, I thought this was my personal number."

She actually laughs. "That's okay, I guess you have a real life too, right? Apart from the- uh, other thing. Which is why I was calling," she adds, in case he thinks she's some timewaster who's just curious.

She can hear he's smiling too. Maybe the cartoon card guy wasn't lying. "Yep, I do. Including fabric softener. It's a real letdown after the glamorous escort world. What did you have in mind?"

"Uh," she says.

"Cool, sex then," he says, when Gen fails to follow up with more coherent syllables. "It's okay. I'm guessing you don't engage guys all that often? It's got to be weird if it's new."

Yes indeed. Everything is weird when it's new. Gen's stomach does a flip, and then a backflip, and then she nearly hangs up. But. Got to take the plunge sometime. "My friend Danneel got your card for me. I'll be at the Hyatt tomorrow night. I'm Alpha and I'd like an Omega companion. Uh, possibly all night, or at least not in a rush."

"Sure," he says, "I don't have some packed schedule, okay? You don't have to apologise for taking time. It's a flat rate unless it really doesn't work out. $500 okay?" He pauses while she agrees. Danneel already told her the rate, because this is the kind of thing Danneel knows. "Now, I'm contractually obliged to tell you I'm not in heat just now, but-"

"No, no that's okay," Gen says. It's more than okay not to have to deal with an Omega past caring about anything but getting knotted. "I, uh, I don't have a lot of exper-" Fuck it. "I've never done this before. At all."

"This hookers, or this as in 'sex with a guy', or this as in 'sex of any kind'?" he asks, and he sounds factual still. Unsurprised.

"Um, pretty much anything. Past, you know, first base-" She's not actually sure what that is in her situation, and she's got a hell of a lot further than first on her own, but what the hell, let's not over-promise to the prostitute, okay?

"No problem," he says, and his voice goes a little blurry like he's squinching the phone up to his ear in order to write. "You said the Hyatt, do you know the room?"

"Uh, no. I'm not checked in yet, but I can call-" Of course she can.

"Sure," he says, patiently. "Or we could meet in the bar. Sometimes feels a little less awkward, you know?"

Alcohol. Yes please. And not sitting around in a room waiting for a prostitute. Sitting in a bar is so much classier. Or at least more distracting. "Sounds good," she says. "I'll be there from eight." And they hang up. The prostitute presumably going back to tumble drying his sheets, and Gen realises she forgot to ask his name. Or indeed give hers. She's gonna have to carry the card and hope he either has strong 'mones or looks at least vaguely like his cartoon. The cartoon figure winks at her, and she really hopes he does.


At 7.55 Gen is in the Hyatt bar, with a martini going down very nicely. She also hasn't eaten, and is feeling a leeeetle bit off balance. God, what if she can't get it up? For a certain value of up…

Her cell buzzes, interrupting the fret. Text. If you're at the Hyatt and going ahead, you'll want to know my name's Jared. I'm really tall. And, you know, I'm an O male, so, noticeable.

It makes her laugh. I'm here. At the bar. Looking terrified. Also short. And A female, ditto. Genevieve. She probably should give a fake name, but really, this isn't a sleazy thing. It's healthy. It's self-education. She gulps down most of her remaining martini and chokes. Smooth.

About twenty seconds later, as Gen is just mopping her eyes, a voice behind her says, "Genevieve! Sorry if I'm a little late."

She twirls around on the barstool, and wow, he wasn't kidding about the tall. Her eyes are about nipple level even on the high seat. "Hi Jared!" She likes that he's giving her cover, that this isn't set up as a blind date, or the transaction it is. No fuel for bartenders here. "You like a drink?"

"If we have time," he says, and there again, giving her cover, giving her a choice. Also, he does in fact look like the cartoon, and he's really nice to look at.

Gen orders herself another martini, which is almost certainly a dumb idea, and Jared orders a rum with pineapple juice, a drink so girlie she wonders if he's playing up to some stereotype of what an O guy is, even if there's nothing else remotely feminine in his manner or appearance. But when the drinks come, he slurps half his in a bare couple seconds, and closes his eyes, happily. "Gotta love that combination," he says. "Jen won't let me drink it at home. Says it lowers the tone."

Gen probably looks askance at that, because he explains, "Jensen. Roommate. He's a beta and he likes girls, so there's no there for you to worry about." Ah, right. Danneel's beta, which means this is more than a loose contact via one sex party, and though Gen would rather have known that in advance, she finds it makes things a little easier this way.

Jared's easy company, more than pleasant. Definitely preferable to a bunch of guy Alphas, although he may have a macho bullshit side he chooses to hide from paying clients. (Gen notices sadly how her subconscious insists on inserting this doubt. This is why at her age she's looking for professional help, basically. Reality is a problem. At least among Alphas.) But she's getting nervous all over again, the twisting worry, which eased when Jared appeared and was pleasant, ratcheting up again as she contemplates moving onwards. Upwards. Uh, inwards.

"About done with that?" Jared asks, nodding at her mostly-full martini. She nods back. Mouth far too dry for drinking, which is illogical and true. "Let's get going," he says, and offers her an arm as they cross the bar, towards the elevators out of sight in the lobby.

Gen's room is a standard, because, what, she's not made of money. Which means unfortunately that there's about 90% bed and a little carpet to be seen when they get inside. No getting past what they're here for.

Jared says, "Okay, we can talk first, or get to it. But I'm guessing a combination would be good. Because I'd like to know a little more, so I can do the best for you. But you look really tense, so maybe we get started and talk as we go?"

She nods. He sits down on the bed and says, "Come here." She walks over, and stands between his spread thighs. He's so ridiculously much taller than her that she hardly has to stoop to kiss him, which is her first action. Weird. She thought hookers didn't kiss, and it hadn't been a part of her plans. But it seems like taking things slow and as natural as possible is okay with Jared.

He looks up at her, pleased, after. "Nice. This is going to be fun." He lifts her up, rearranges their legs so she's astride him, and they kiss more. A lot more. After a while, when she's rocking against him with happy noises, and some relaxation of that fear, he rolls backward onto the bed, so she's on top and in charge. Gen likes that.

Jared grins up at her, and wriggles a little, pleasantly stimulating. "So," he says, "I'm guessing you want the works. Yes?"

"Yes," she says, and she's smiling, even if it makes for a shiver to be reminded that this ease is only the start. "I, uh, I want to know I can, uh, satisfy a guy?"

"You know, most guys are mostly going to be incredibly grateful to just get this close to you," he says mildly. "But, okay. Any special reason to think you can't? Trauma? Surgery? Bad past experience?"

"Nope," she says. "Just… Alpha stuff. I, uh, I don't know many A girls, you know? So I'm a little unsure. I mean, I know, Tab A into slot B, mechanics and all that. But it's more like Tab Q into slot Z with us, and-"

Her whole body shakes as Jared laughs. "I should totally be offended you relegated my ass to the end of the alphabet," he chokes out after a while. "Okay. Okay, really, this is gonna be fun. Though sex is only a little bit about tabs and slots, Genevieve, and a lot about skin and closeness and warmth and rubbing the exact right place in the right way, and the only way you get any of that is getting mostly naked and giving it a shot. Is that okay with you?"


"It's okay, I'll go first." He tips her gently sideways onto the bed, and strips off his shirt and pants. Nice. Very nice. She reaches out to touch, apologises and then laughs. He says, "Yeah. Go ahead. I like to be touched."

She loses time then, exploring. So many muscles. So very many. She follows lines and curves till he's gasping a little and then says, "Turn over, please," and he does. Like she's the boss. Alpha in her sits up and roars. Yeah. Jared's back is beautiful too, and as she sits astride his hips, she's aware they're both getting wet, just from this. Just from touching his skin.

Gen skimps on his legs, impatient. Maybe she'll go back later. Maybe. She tugs at the waistband of his underwear, and Jared shifts up enough for her to pull them off entirely. Is she pussying out by not getting to know his dick immediately? Maybe, but this is where her fears lie, so this is where she'll explore. Her fingers slip easily between his ass cheeks, well lubricated already, thanks to her. (And yes, maybe some professional prep, but she swallows down that doubt, because even if he's sensible like that, she knows some of this is real. Every in-breath stimulates her with the authentic Omega 'mone tang.) Fingers sliding inside, but only two, and the second is a struggle. Wow. Well, that resolves Ben's fist thing. Gen's got plenty of knot compared with two fingers. A little more confident, she says, "Please roll over."

Jared groans a little, and does. His face is flushed, pink splotches high on his cheekbones, and his breath is a little tight. "Mmmm," he mumbles. "Was enjoying that. You have really, really good instincts, Genevieve."

"Gen," she says, "My friends call me Gen."

"Gen," he smiles back at her. His dick's right there, she thinks, ridiculously. And yet they're talking. She sneaks a look, and then remembers this isn't a situation where she needs to sneak, so she stares down at his crotch. He's evidently watching her gaze, spreads his thighs a little, lets her look. And, eventually, touch.

She loses time again. Touching, touching is good. It's only when Jared puts a cautionary hand on hers that she stops. "Uh, I'm fully supportive of this thing you're doing here," he says, and she believes it's true, "But I should mention you're about to make me come, and that may not be what you had in mind for the evening."

Gen ponders. Actually… She ducks her head down again, and watches her hand working him, hears his breathing change again, watches his belly tense, his legs shift aimlessly, and then him arch, swear, spurt white glop all over her fingers and his belly. She rubs her face gently against him as he lies, panting. Come on her cheek, and he's oozing slick too, which she needs to taste, and does.

"Mmmm, good," she says. "Mine."

"Yeah I am," he responds. For tonight, is unsaid. Let them be Alpha and O, the way it ought to be.

Gen realises belatedly she's still wearing clothes. Lots of clothes. It seems like a logical moment to lose them. Jared watches her. She's enjoying it, showing off for his visible appreciation, till she gets rid of all the outerwear. Bra, though, seems, a little much, and panties- No. Not yet. Not that he won't be able to see the bulge of her growing arousal, but it's too close to the nub (uh, yeah, great wording) of her insecurities.

"Want to come back on the bed," he suggests, gently. "You're beautiful, but I think we established touching is good, yeah?"

"Yeah," she agrees, and she's already moving toward the bed. He's great at taking the fear out of this situation. Keeping everything light, friendly, possible. And watching for when she's at the edge of what she can cope with. He's actually really good at his job, which shouldn't possibly be a surprise, but Gen's employed plenty of contractors to do things at which they're allegedly expert, only to end with dead geraniums or a non-functional bathroom. (And really, brain, why are you going there? Focusing on the positives, maybe?)

He's also very good with the touching. Her bra disappears in a short time, in a whirl of encouragement and appreciative murmurings. He never pins Gen down, either, which tells her a lot about his level of experience with Alphas. He knows how to make this good, in the ways that work for ladies who don't like to bow down for anyone.

When he has her kneeling up, towering over his sprawl, and his hands move to the band of her panties, this time she's ready. Nods. Go ahead, Omega. Get me ready to knot you. She doesn't say it, but she can feel it in the curl of her mouth, and the answering tilt of his chin. Yes ma'am.

Being naked with a guy is exactly the part of this that Gen was dreading. Exactly. And yet what Jared actually does is not look polite, or smile, or even reassure. His eyelashes drop almost to his cheekbones, eyelids fluttering, and he moans.

It's, uh, it's possible Gen's been underestimating the effect of Alpha pheromones on an Omega. Either that, or Jared's acting really, really well for his money. But it's not all act. He's getting hard again, and that's just impressive. He picked a good career match for his skillset.

Stop it, her conscious tells her subconscious. Stop, now. There's a gorgeous guy, whose time is yours, and he's like, an inch, from your knot, and he's getting off on it and you will pay attention. Which becomes much easier when Jared reaches out his hands (really big hands, warm and dry against her skin), brackets her hips, and pulls her forward so that he can mouth at her growing knot. God, the warm wet is startling enough against skin, so much more than anywhere else, and he uses his tongue to tease, and Gen yips because it's intense.

"Sorry," he says, pulling back. "Too much?" His mouth is wet, eyes blurry, and that hot flush on his cheekbones is back. That means arousal, she knows.

She wants more, but also, "Uh, a little?"

"You're really sensitive," he says, and it's a compliment, not a complaint. He ducks back down to take her in his mouth again, slower and less intense, and it's good, but it won't get her off, and dammit, she doesn’t know what to say this time, so she doesn't say anything, and the sharp pleasure is dimming, fading into pleasant instead of startling.

She's standing, pink and frustrated, when Jared draws back again. "Hey," he says. "'M not quite getting it right for you, am I?"

Well, he's not an Alpha, that's for sure. Look at him, taking responsibility for physical failures. She shakes her head, "Sorry."

"Nah, it's cool," he says, unworried. Again, not an Alpha. "This is all about working you out, hmmm? And we have all night. Would you be okay lying down? Might be a better angle."

Submission is absolutely wrong, un-A, against her instincts and her teaching. But, fuck it, she might as well try. On her back, belly exposed, legs spread, like a beta girl, like an O. Jared doesn't try to slide fingers inside her, so he knows better than that. That's good. Gen freaks a little less. Instead, he's still all about the knot, rubbing his face lightly over her again, till she's tingling like it's new, and then lifting her right up to his face, her back bending exaggeratedly, leading with her dick into his mouth, and he's got the pressure and the rhythm perfect now, and she says so, "Yes, that's it, just there, oh please-"

Till he stops.

"Why did you stop?" She's in his hands, in his power, and yet her voice is all imperious Alpha. Bad O. Bad minion. Oops. That's not exactly polite, nowadays. Though he is an employee, of sorts, so maybe he won't take it too amiss.

"Wanted to check," he says, calm as ever but with a note of apology. "Whether you wanted to come this way, or-"

Oh. Oh god. She almost forgot. How could she forget about knotting? That's a huge part of what Gen needs from tonight, to know she can knot someone and have it mean satisfaction and owning the moment and-

"Yeah," she says, "You're right, I'm sorry." Her Alpha drains a little, and they're more beta-human with each other. "I, uh, I'd like to knot you, if that's okay?"

"Sure," he says, "You're the boss." Oh yeah. He knows how to sweet talk her kind. "And I'm so damn ready for you," he adds, which is probably a line, but also works here.

"Me on top."

"Obviously." And he's grinning at her. It should be weird. She should be freaking out at this point, no doubt about it. Gen expected this to be the most difficult moment, full of insecurity, full of gawkiness and errors. But nope. She already knows this is going to be good. Maybe not perfect, but who needs perfect? Who ever gets it? Good is good.

Jared rolls onto his back. "This okay?" He's hitching up his thighs, stretching open for her, and yeah, she probably expected him face down and subservient to the max, but actually, no. This is better. She'd prefer to see. And maybe that means she's not a big swinging Alpha dick, but fuck it, she despises those guys. She doesn’t want to be like them any other time of the year, so why do that now?

Gen kneels up between Jared's legs. Fits her swelling knot against him, gasping as she feels the hot-tight-wet-wanting cling of him, and pushes in. He gasps and presses up against her, like he wants more, and there isn't more, not yet, and maybe she isn't sufficient, and he says before she can panic, "Jesus Christ, please would you fuck me harder," and the edge of it is raw and might even be real, so Gen starts to move her hips, cautious at first, and then secure that she's enough, that they fit close and tight, that there's no breaking them apart now that she's swelling.

"Oh wow," she says, "Oh, wow." What a geeky thing to say just now, the whole macho fuck thing was better, but it wasn't really her, and she might come really very soon, but that would be rude, and then it is rude, but she totally is, and she's making noises and juddering hard into her Omega, and he's keening and dragging her into him, heels jabbing her in the back as his entire enfolding body tries to take her inside.

Gen loses time again, just a little, with the unfamiliar intensity of that shared moment, and when she's back with the moment she realises he's still hard under her and still writhing on her knot. "Oh, sorry," she says, and tries to move back to give herself space to jack him off, but she can't, they're jammed together. "Sorry," she says, and means it this time.

He half smiles at her, through the rictus of want, "'S okay, I have experience in this area," he says, and finesses his flat palm between them enough that he can rock up against his hand and her belly and take no time at all to come again, hot-wet-sticky between them. "Uh," he says, inarticulate.

"Yeah," she says, happily. Even if she's mentally gauging the distance to the Kleenex box because if they're knotted for hours she doesn’t want to actually stick them together with gunk. But hell, Gen just made a guy come on her knot. She feels pretty good, thank you.

It's Jared who actually reaches for tissues, which just goes to demonstrate he has the expertise in this area. And the energy. Gen feels like she could lie here for about a week, limp with release and relief of tension. She did it. It was good.

Although… after a few contented minutes, she realises she didn’t think this part through. Three, maybe four hours, is usual for a knot. First knots can last longer. And sure, they might sleep, but she can feel her knot with every breath, so it's not going to be easy, and it's not actually all that late, so sleeping right now seems very unlikely. Hello, small talk?

Jared says, "If I could move a little, it'd be easier to settle. That okay?" He shifts his thighs down, less tight around her, probably way more comfortable for him. "Cool. Now we're set."

"Do you- Uh." Is this a rude question? He's been so open so far, maybe this is okay. Or, at least, he'll tell her if it's not. "Do you do this a lot? With the small talk and everything?"

"Yeah," he says, easy and open still. "I like it. I like people, you know. And this way, you really get to know a person."

"Person?" That's a careful noun, she notes.

He shrugs, awkwardly in his supine position. "Yeah, I mostly take female clients, but you're a rare bunch, lady A. I take beta ladies too, of course, the occasional Alpha guy. Gotta make rent. And if I'm in heat, I really don't care so much."

"What's it like?" Now that's downright inquisitive. Gen wasn't welcome at the Omega health classes, and Alphas don't learn much about them, too focused on their own control issues. But it's probably good to learn, since she has the opportunity. She shifts up on her arms a little, to watch Jared's face, and they both flinch in reaction as her knot drags at him. Wow. Sensitive.

"Oh, man, I can't describe it to you exactly. It's an O thing. But imagine if you felt like you did when I was going down on you and I stopped. But all the time, and for three days."

Whoa. That's a comparison she didn't expect. "It sounds… awful?"

"Yeah. It is. I mean, suppressants help, but nothing really works except getting fucked. I have some A clients who love it, pay me to come off the supps, you know, but-" He looks serious, which after only a short time in his company, Gen knows is unusual. "I hate not being in control of my body for that long. And if I don't have a client, it's rough, even with proper meds." He pauses. "Hey, look, this is out of line, but I have a heat from the fourth-" Ten days away. "-and none of my regulars is in town, so if you wouldn't mind-"

"Uh, I don't have the money for-"

He shakes his head, "No, I mean- If I don't have someone booked, I sometimes ask clients, if they're okay, if they wouldn't mind getting me through. I know you're new at all this, but maybe you'd be able to help out. No charge, obviously."

Gen nods, and inside, Alpha roars. I'm so good, the whore wants to do me for free. God, she hates the Alpha sometimes. That's such a sucky thing to think, even by instinct. And maybe that's the A equivalent of heat. Stupid macho bullshit. "Um, sure, if you're not, you know, engaged by then."

"Oh, sure, but it's not like this is a full time thing," he says, easily.

Wait. What? "Really?"

"Yeah, I'm a grad student," he says, like it's perfectly normal to combine the two. "I have three, maybe four, years till my thesis defence, so, you know, additional funding's cool."

She really wants to shoot up in the air, and maybe run away, because Jared's out of his box now. He's not just a hooker, in some world she doesn't understand. He's a person. But she can't get away. So, small talk just got smaller. "Really? What's your subject?"

Turns out to be some obscure branch of material engineering, so that runs out as a subject really fast, but by then Gen's relaxed from that momentary freak out, and they meander through subjects, falling easily into chatter, generic and really, really specific. She establishes that he does have sex with girls, in that beta way, penis into vagina, which makes her recoil a little, and he teases her that she could try it someday, since she has the equipment. Which, eeeuw. Kinky. Jared changes the subject soon after, probably seeing how genuinely freaked she is. Somehow, they end up arguing about curtains versus venetian blinds, and then something about Oscar noms, and then a really heated debate about the bailout, and it's ridiculously easy, considering where they are and what they're doing.

She forgets, sometimes, that they're naked and knotted, but over and over again she's reminded by a slight movement, a nudge, a tingle. Wow. That's just amazing. This sex thing is not bad. At all.

Jared's shifting a little. He's actually getting hard again. He's a machine. He says, "You know, sometimes you can come again, like this." He shifts one thigh to the side again, inviting her to rock in.

"Really? I thought that was a myth," she says, sceptically.

"Nope. You're a female. Multiples are an option." His eyes are bright with challenge. "Also, I'm incredibly good at my job, and you can totally get me off again."

Wow. Again with the wow. Women As actually have advantages, and nobody even told Gen. This hooker thing was the best investment ever. As Gen starts to move, she knows she can do this.

Slower, and deeper, and she's already knotted, so it's more like the little, ladylike orgasms Gen already knows how to give herself, but it's still good, and Jared does in fact get off again, though with a groan and a small spurt of come only, which means he's probably done for the night, she thinks. They're really doing this thoroughly. Hell yeah.

Shhhh, she tells the internal Alpha.

"Thanks," says Jared. "Been a while. I needed this." So much for quietening her inner Alpha.

"No, thank you," she says, and means it.

"I meant it," he says, "I'd love if you could come over for my heat. You're really great. I'm glad you needed me for this, and I'm glad I could help out."

That… doesn't seem like the transparent ego-massage he was offering earlier. He knows she doesn't have cash to be a regular client. So, just possibly, this isn't just a thing. Could be a Thing?

He's not exactly boyfriend material, but then Gen has met boyfriend material before and never got past the internal voice of second guessing and criticism. Never got this far. So, yes. She'll give it a try.


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