Family oblication take how many is it now? Really?

Sep 10, 2016 23:54

I'll be off the grid, again, for a week plus. Back to the wilds of Missouri for some more grim face time with the mister's family but hopefully some awesome time with the monkeys in my family tree. This time I was promised the mister's siblings were going to be out of town for a music festival (their promises). LIES. The brother and his girlfriend decided to come to my niece's wedding instead which is the real reason we are going up in the first place. Why? They don't know her. They were invited as a courtesy. "Hey, you live close and we're related by marriage and you might be hurt if we had a stealth wedding that your son/brother was officiating and we didn't invite you." Ugh, Why not just send a card? Super coolly they asked for donations to their favorite charities in lieu of presents, so why not that? Presence instead.

Now we have to juggle my family and his family and the thirteen hour drive bookending the fun. We love my niece and her future husband is great and my younger brother is a wonderful cook but it's going to be stressful and I was hoping it would just be us hanging with my family for a change.

Hopefully it will be a great time. I'll give y'all a report when we get back.

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