LJ Absence

May 09, 2016 13:21

Sorry I've been mainly offline for nearly a month. It's been oblication (the mister's family), cold, vacation (Wisconsin) and now another cold. Wisconsin was great fun. The Milwaukee Museum of Art is phenomenal and there are a lot of great beers being brewed close at hand. Between the fish fries and fried cheese curds I was in a bit of a food coma most of the time we were tooling around but I only have myself to blame. We were there to see our favorite band, The Little Green Cars, and they were phenomenal.

We had a great visit with nwhepcat on the Saturday before we needed to head to the airport and a fun visit and delicious food was had (the first salad I'd had all week). She turned us on to The Daily Scoop, a great ice cream parlor. It's on UW Madison's campus with seating overlooking the lakeshore. I am still dreaming about the salted caramel toffee ice cream but hopefully will not find a substitute that is anywhere near as delicious nearby.

Anyway, I am in my pajamas and nursing this stupid cold so hopefully I'll be back to read everything my flist has written in the weeks I've been absent!

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