Somehow, procrastination makes me more productive....?

Sep 05, 2010 18:37

 So I changed my lj layout! :D Also got a new header for the layout since the last header was too small for the layout (idk why my mind is going to dirty places as I write "header" and "layout" and "too small." Internet has corrupted me forever xD).

Anyway! I also figured out my mood theme problems a couple of days ago because of procrastination.

I love this gif! I know, random. But, really, this post is pure nonsense. I really just want to procrastinate more and this is all I have right now. I already used Tumblr, and checkout  pretty much every other website I go to to help me procrastinate.

I should be taking notes about World History and blah blah blah. Too many civilizations. tl;dr. Again, thanks internet for corrupting my brain. xD I have about 15 pages of notes! FRONT AND BACK! So really, 30 pages? AND I NEED 5 MORE PAGES TO GO TO FINISH THE NOTES BUT THEY FEEL LIKE 5000 PAGES! Each pages takes up too much paper. Do people think about the environment anymore? Why not just highlight and there? Whatever, I'm just rambling now.

This gif is amazing too!

Makes me laugh EVERY. TIME!

Okay, one last gif. and I'm done! I promise!


I have now wasted your time as well as mine. My job is done. <3

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