SPN fic: B-Reel 4/4

Sep 27, 2008 21:20

Go on, last part, wrap things up…

Part 4/Things that Go Boom )

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Re: hey big_pink September 28 2008, 14:01:03 UTC
Yeah, it was the funniest thing, having to step back in time, and forget what I know about upcoming seasons, just let them be as they were at the start: prickly, cautious, forgetting and remembering.

It was also so nice to write something light. God, everything I've written lately (for fandom at least) has been heavy, so fun and fast was good prompt.


harrigan September 28 2008, 02:47:44 UTC
Yay! You're back!

And season 1 fic is always welcome, when it's this good. I don't really want to see where fans think (or want) season 4 to go ... I'll wait for canon. But there are all these open spaces in the earlier seasons (and prior) that can still be explored. So glad you did!


big_pink September 28 2008, 14:02:23 UTC
I always need to be a step behind canon, myself. I don't like anticipating. With fan-writing, at least, I like to fill in the blanks left to me. Part of the game.

It's good to be here -- summer was great, and I always dread winter, but I'll settle for fall for a bit.


sasquashme September 28 2008, 02:55:51 UTC
“Dean,” Sam whispered. He looked appalled. “You don’t talk during a movie.”

Oh, Sam, the things you put up with for your brother.

I don't care how many times I read that line, it's still perfect.


big_pink September 28 2008, 14:03:37 UTC
Poor Sam. I swear, he's just a stand-in for me, half the time, the stuff he says is really just me saying what needs to be said to Dean. You DON'T talk in a movie. People have forgotten how to go to movies. I'm always the person turning around giving other people nasty looks.


sloane_m September 28 2008, 03:02:15 UTC
Yay! You're back! And Spain huh? I didn't know you'd gone on holiday. How was it? A kid's book too? Well, well, you have been busy.

This was superb. It was kinda fun to go back to the boys like this. I love how real they both are. Plus the humour is always a great touch. The way you get Dean's insouciance and Sam's exasperation is just a pleasure to read.


big_pink September 28 2008, 14:05:14 UTC
God, I have been stupidly busy. Horrendously busy. All good, but it's like life has just wanted to play. That it, RL: a big golden retriever with a ball and a wagging tail.

It's not that I MISS the boys like this, it just happened to be the way I wanted to tell the story.


july_july_july September 28 2008, 03:13:08 UTC
Goddamn if he didn’t love the ridiculous noises women made while fucking.
Oh, goodness...I certainly hope that someone does.

“Sam,” Dean’s voice was strained. “Uh, Sam,” but he didn’t sound panicked. “Can you -” and the voice trailed away on a caught breath. “Do you think you could give me a coupla minutes?”

LMAO! Beer almost came out my nose right there.

Dean was an emotionally-needy killing machine cut free from the iron control of their father and Sam suspected that while he was trying to figure it out, Dean was trying just as hard to ignore it.

*gut punch* I can't tell you how much I fucking LOVE that line.

“Qué?” And What? appeared under her chin. A subtitle.Again, totally insane, borderline crack, and absolute genius. I love this story! I love the way you take on the ambiance of each film as you go--it shows especially in this last chapter. And I love the way Sam navigates them through each film. I took me an embarrassingly long time to figure out 'Marty', but STILL. Hilarious and touching and OMG WELCOME BACK ( ... )


big_pink September 28 2008, 14:08:05 UTC
OMG, I've been wanting to write subtitle crack for about two years, so it was good to finally have the chance. 'Verbal' went a long way to curing me for it being a device for Sam to figure out what was going on in Dean's head, so I just introduced it as a grace note here.

Oh, the kid's book...I've actually illustrated it, not written it. How's that for irony? But it took up a lot of my summer (between vacations and my, you know, full-time job), so less time for fandom and writing, unfortunately.

More later, and soon. We've done the Bear Hunt and taken all the pictures, I'm just working out the storyline now.


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