Rec: a Big Bang

Jul 01, 2008 08:29

Just nipping in quickly this Canada Day (yippee! Free poutine for everyone!) to recommend smilla02's lovely and haunting and hurting (and long, written for spn_j2_bigbang) piece, Ten in One. First off the bat, I have to confess that I got the chance to read and comment on it a couple of times while in process, but I honestly didn't add much, so I don't feel a twinge of guilt in reccing it. It's an AU season 4 fic, the first one I found totally believable, both in terms of how Dean coming back from Hell could happen and the very real consequences of that.

Here's how Smilla describes it:

Title: Ten in One
Genre: Gen. Drama. Angst. Case file.
Characters: Dean and Sam
Word Count: 36,000
Rating: R for language, violence, and adult situations.
Spoilers: up to and for 3.16.
Summary: A hiker's body is found mauled in the Oregon woods. While investigating, Sam and Dean stumble onto an itinerant sideshow, whose members are the primary target of the same creature killing across the American west. The case alone would be difficult enough, even if Sam and Dean didn't have to deal with the strained consequences of a trip to Hell and back.

So, if you're looking to curl up with a long, plotty read, perfect for summer, here's your chance.

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