Supernatural...on HBO?

Feb 22, 2008 19:16

I swear to god, one day soon, I'll post chapter four of the fic, but in the meantime (seriously, I'm working on it), IN THE MEANTIME, I have a diversion (don't I always? I'm like the pusher in the high school parking lot). I was having a discussion with catdancerz about what Supernatural would look like if it was an HBO product instead of a CW one, and we were having too much fun not to share.

So here it is: If Supernatural was produced and aired by a different network (choose a network! Animal Planet comes to mind! A porn channel! Home and Garden! Biography!), give us all a brief description of the resulting product.

Though I'd settle for HBO, truly I would, because then there would be appropriate levels of cursing.

Post here, post on your own LJ, whatever.

ETA: I'm told I ought to give an example or something. Okay, then, how about if it was REALLY produced by City-TV (OMG, your Canuck is showing, Big Pink!). Warning: Only Canadians will find this remotely funny.

First of all, it would be everywhere, and likely an ex-Much Music VJ would pop in from the corner to explain to everyone what was going on and perhaps ask Dean and/or Sam what they were doing while they were in the fucking middle of trying to get it done!

Then some skinny ex-model, ex-secretary from Moses Znaimer's staff would get a job on the show to add some T & A and...wait a minute. Has this already happened? An announcer would then tell the boys in a voice over what they were they were doing it!

Thankfully, there would be a helluva lot of American content at some point, likely in a bikini, and then a TTC streetcar would go by.

The End.

See? Easy peasy.

ETA 2: Will no one even briefly sketch out what happens when the boys go to Miami Ink?

meme, spn

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