From a wreck, a rec

Nov 19, 2007 21:17

I'm so glad that you can't see me right now, cause it ain't pretty. I've been trying to move (and not just my lazy ass, but my whole freakin' HOUSE, okay?), and coping with work that is too damn exciting for words but which involves giant puppets and crazy cake ladies. And I confess, yes, I've turned creative attention to original fiction at the moment.

But all is not dark! I have a rec for you! It's a WIP, but I'm hopeful, really I am. Six chapters in and we're getting places and even if luxorien stalls and/or gets hit by a bus tomorrow (not that I'm advocating for ANYTHING like that, all right?), her Swimming the Lethe kicks so much writerly ass that you can just enjoy as is.

The basic plot is described as: "After an infelicitous one-night stand, Dean becomes a danger to Sam." It's gen, watch out for particularly salty language, off-screen sex. Gruesome horrid goings-on of the Dean-whumping variety, but there's enough blood to satisfy those who like their Winchesters busted up in an equal-opportunity way. Some wonderful, wonderful writing, the kind you want to buy a drink and take home.

Whatcha still doing here? Shoo! Go read it!

recs, spn

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