Nov 01, 2007 22:47

BigPink’s running notes on

Funny, how housing developments are inherently evil, eh? How many evil housing developments have we seen now? Any correlation to the number of actual evil housing developments in the Lower Mainland?

Yum. That fat dude looks tay-stee. Run away, fat guy! Ooops! Big Bad Wolf got to him!

Impala! Look out for the fucking cane toad! If you run over them headfirst, they pop like a balloon! (please tell me I wasn’t the only one that saw that documentary)

Ooh, good. Winchester Argument Avoidance 101: change subject to that of psychotic killer! Man, do I like Yelling Boys.

Is THIS the man that attacked you: [insert picture of stick man] (Um, we’ve seen that commercial, haven’t we everyone? Or is that just a Canadian one? It’s really funny, whatever.)

Sam’s got NUTHIN’ NUTHIN’, I tell you! Hee.

OMG….PIE. I’d stick around this old lady’s house. She’s got PIE. But not the good kind of pie. The weirdo old lady with a sharp knife kind of pie. Unfortunately, that old lady looks like she’s stabbing according to the Idiots Guide to TV Stabbing.

What is WITH the fucking twinkie music, man? EVERY bloody episode so far. Tinkle twinkie music. Where’s fucking Ted Nugent when you need a little cat scratch fever?

Thank god, Sam you’ve cottoned to the fact that Grimm has been Disney-fied. I would have NEVER have thought of that.

More gay? Not gay enough? Gayer? Sam gets a fairy godmother! Yeah! And Dean gets an apple! Don’t bite the apple, Dean! NitGirl: Mum, why would he eat the apple? Damn, kids these days have had too much ‘stranger danger’ training. I’d have bitten the apple. I’m a goddamn product of the 70s, so I am. Eat anything that’s not nailed down.

Most excellent. LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD. We got a Wolf. And he’s quite nasty. See, there’s the bedside story - huntsman. Wolf’s belly getting cut open. I couldn’t make this stuff up, Kripke. Really, I couldn't.

Dean’s gonna stop the Big Bad Wolf!!!! OMG, that’s the best thing that’s ever passed those beautiful lips! I’m so just going to listen to him say that over and over and over. It’s like I’ve died and GONE TO HEAVEN!

I’m having flashbacks to IMToD. Callie's wandering around, all spirit like, mad and whatnot, and won’t she let the Reaper just take her already?

Dean, dude, evisceration! That’s the way to go, listen to the story. THE FAIRY TALE WILL TELL YOU WHAT TO DO.

Jesus, that doctor jumped on the supernatural bandwagon awfully easily. Thank god. Dean was taking a beating!

Last commercial break: Well, thank goodness we’ve disposed of that pesky MotW storyline. Phew. Now we can deal with The Subject at Hand (introduced during Winchester Family Argument in the Impala #439: Dean, how can I save you when you don’t want to be saved?)

Note to Kripke: Can you please make an effort to change up the…uh, what do you call it? Yes, the STRUCTURE of the show from week to week? Otherwise, I might be tempted to just tune in for the last 15 minutes, because that’s when everything important happens. Thanks, BigPink.

Thank god the Lower Mainland is chockablock with agreeably loose-graveled crossroads, eh?

Jeezus, Sam. Cut a girl a break. I’m liking this new Sam. Loads. With a freakin’ spoon.

Have at it, flist.

flail, spn

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