SPN fic: Red, Chapter 9/10

Nov 19, 2006 14:39

Red Chapter 9/Bait & Switch

Description: Gen, PG-13, WIP, penultimate chapter. Okay, Little Red Riding Hood? Think about it, the story’s all about sex and violence, like most good fairy tales. Except with a whole lot more swearing.

Disclaimer: Blahblahblah, Kripke, blahblahblah.

Knock knock. Who’s there? Beta. Beta who? Beta thank Lemmypie and Read more... )

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saturn_girl November 19 2006, 19:25:22 UTC
“I know I don’t always get enough time. I treat her rough. But when I have a few days, you know, between jobs, when it’s just me and her? I wash her slow and all over. Soap and a soft cloth, one of those chamois, skin of a baby mountain goat, whatever the fuck they are, wipe her down gentle, circle the wheel wells where the dirt shows the most. Hose her down, rub her with a clean towel, then wax.

“When we’re finished with that, I usually take a break, just like to watch her, all shiny and clean. Then I open her hood, settle in for a nice long look. Touch here and there, pull a few plugs. See what she needs, you know? Fill up all those empty places. Oil her down. And then? Slide underneath, make sure all the rough roads haven’t scraped her raw.”

Damn. I've never wished I was a car before.

Wonderful job. The idea of being consumed whole and yet still existing is very, very eerie. Somehow worse than death because at least then it would be over.

The trophies bit also gave me the major creeps.


big_pink November 20 2006, 16:31:16 UTC
Swear to GOD, I spend half of every ep wishing I was a car.


tabaqui November 19 2006, 20:05:50 UTC
Ooooooooh, man, jayzus......christ. That's...

I love granny up in her tree, Sybil to all that's going on, with her needle and thread...and and and...
Dean was one thing, was a moving target always, was the fucking Trojan Horse of prey.

And that's freakin' *perfect* and... Sam acknowledging what he didn't want to see after all this time...
God! Love this.


big_pink November 20 2006, 16:33:58 UTC
Sybil is a good description, methinks. Can I ask you a favour? You icon-making queen? I've been dreaming about that face Dean makes when Sam asks him if he's high. You know the one? Where he's thinking about it? That face cracks me up. It doesn't have to say anything, just...the face. Please? You want me to beg? You want me to write you into the next story? I'll do it, 'cause I'm pathetic that way. And my laptop's broken, so I'm using your icon to cheer me up.


tabaqui November 20 2006, 20:20:55 UTC
Check your livejournal email.

Lappy broke!? That sucks!
*pet pet pet*

And in return...i want.......more fic!
*sips juice*


big_pink November 20 2006, 21:04:57 UTC
WHEEEEE!!!!!!!!! So very, very good. Thanks a million. Honestly, that face of stoner consideration has been haunting me ALL DAY. So happy.

More fic coming right up. No, not really. C'mon, I just posted yesterday. What the hell do you people think I am? A machine?

Seriously, it's all my pleasure. I'd still do it, even if none of you all were listening. But you're all the icing on the cake. True.


janissa11 November 19 2006, 20:08:07 UTC
fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck. I feel like I been rode hard and put away wet. One more chapter. ::whimpers:: I MIGHT still be alive by then.

Maybe. Gahhhhhh. Those trophies. And Dean's poor side, and Sam, and.


big_pink November 20 2006, 16:35:15 UTC
Next chapter? I'm so riding you hard, rubbing you down with a soft cloth (maybe even a chamois!), feeding you, watering you and making sure you have fresh hay. Promise.


naga_battousai November 19 2006, 20:08:44 UTC
Gods, woman.... the things you write... guh!
*is insanely impatient for the next installment*


big_pink November 20 2006, 16:36:36 UTC
Oh, I know. I sometimes wonder how I sleep at night. Next installment, coming right up!

Well, no not really. I haven't even started it. But these things don't really take all that long to crank out.


quellefromage November 19 2006, 20:14:59 UTC
Oh, man, this just makes my day. So much good stuff in here, Sam's anger, the description of the ride down the hill was perfect. Every word. Dave telling the story of Lukas and his 'treasures" was perfectly creepy. “I’d want to kill any asshole who stole my toothbrush.”...bwah ha ha ( ... )


big_pink November 20 2006, 16:41:58 UTC
I did promise someone a donkey this story. Actually, the donkey thing is true true true. My MIL does the same thing (which is, of course, where I'm getting all the granny stuff). I've just stolen her wholesale. Except I don't think she embroiders. She collages. But that wouldn't have helped Sam sew up the Wolf, would it? "Paste him up with a little of this Elmer's white." And I didn't like to think of the granny as PASSIVE, because I see her as powerful, so I changed it up a little, but kept the character in, as you've pointed out.

I was yelling all through the Usual Suspects, because it was all mirroring what I was writing exactly, right from Dean talking to himself to them 'working together apart', which was my catchphrase for this story. Thanks for the gush...it fair makes my day to know I've made yours.


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