SPN fic: Red 8/10

Nov 12, 2006 10:44

Red, Chapter 8/Between the Ribs

Huff and Puff: Gen, PG-13, loads of sordid, violent, and downright creepy scenes, swearing laid on pretty darn thick, and Sam running around like a chicken seeking revenge for its missing head. Canon characters belong to the canon gods; words and other characters belong to me. Me! You heard that Kripke? WIP, but ( Read more... )

red, supernatural, fanfic

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cariadean November 12 2006, 16:53:11 UTC
I love how Lukas is finding Dean hard to stomach - way to go Dean - and if Dean is going to keep quiet - Dean never keeps quiet - that'll be a feet in itself.

Dean can remember every girl he's ever slept with - really? Either there's not as many as the impression he gives or he has an incredibly great memory.

I really can't get enough of this ... but I suppose I'd better wait until you post it ... don't have much of a choice really do I?


big_pink November 12 2006, 17:04:22 UTC
Yeah, wasn't quite sure until I wrote it whether I could make indigestible!Dean work. Hey, he ordered his girls one through 50. I have friends who can do it, amazingly enough so, unless they're lying through their teeth, it can be done.

Yeah, now you'll just have to wait. But only two more chapters and we're done, so don't you want it to last? Eh?


cariadean November 12 2006, 20:38:36 UTC
Of course I want it to last but I am also incredibly impatient - you have to remember that I didn't have to wait for chapters 1 through 7...

It's entirely your fault anyway for writing something that is so completely addictive ...


(The comment has been removed)

big_pink November 12 2006, 20:04:32 UTC
If I had a penny for every time I've described this gig as 'crack cocaine' I'd be rich.

I think part of the reason we love Dean so much is he's so screwed when it comes to his past and what he's done and had done to him, no matter if it's actually a Wolf or the canon stuff. If I had him spill all and be okay we'd all hate it on some level. I do love writing Sam as together and growing, especially wrt his brother, who (prior to Stanford) was just this extension of their Dad, the proverbial 'good soldier'. Dean was, of course, so much more, it's just that young people are horribly self-centred and we see Sam growing up quite a bit, both in the show and here. It's a compelling arc and one I like to write.

Gotta go drive out to Perth, of all places. Stick a chopstick in my eye. A nice stilted dinner with relatives, then back down the goddamn number 7, a highway I hate with the passion of a thousand fires of hell.


incoherent ndmzero November 12 2006, 18:37:20 UTC
Speechless wasn't quite accurate.

I'm going to have to reread this -- I'm trying to wrap my head around the implications -- do I see some major surgery in the Wolf's future?

Thank you for sharing -- it is an enthralling story.

Great writing and characterization -- now I'll go back to biting my fingernails waiting for your next post.


Re: incoherent big_pink November 12 2006, 20:06:39 UTC
Only two chapters to go -- lots still to happen. I'd do you a disservice to TELL you what was going to happen, wouldn't I? Sorry, go back to fingernail biting :)


ghostofashark November 12 2006, 19:40:58 UTC
I was planning on writing something insightful, but I seem to have lost the ability to form coherent thoughts due to an overdose of fic-related happiness. But I love your way with words, and Sam trying to fit the pieces together in regards to the past and also find a way to get Dean back. When I read about little red riding hood as a child, the stomach cutting part always freaked me out. I just thought it was a bit mean to disembowel the wolf just because the girl was stupid enough to get fooled and eaten, and everyone in the story was always so happy about it in a slightly twisted way. Now, I have to admit that I read most of the chapter hoping that Sam would just get to work with his machete.


big_pink November 12 2006, 20:08:13 UTC
Kinda changes your perspective when it's Dean that's inside, eh? Still two chapters to go; Sam's gotta hold back on the machete wielding for...a little while yet. Zipping it now.


tabaqui November 12 2006, 20:37:06 UTC
*flails around a bit*
I'd *forgotten*, for a little, bit, which fairytale this was based off of.
Damn, damn, damnit. I love Dean's freak-out and then his sudden cool-down into *predator*, instead of prey.
Good, good stuff.

And Sam! Remembering, finally, and...linking things up. Yes. He'll figure it out and he'll *fix* it. With Dean. Yes.

See how discombobulated i am?


big_pink November 13 2006, 01:28:15 UTC
Oh my. *pets you* Have you harmed yourself? *g* Oh, still a bit to go, unravelling, re-knitting, setting bones, staunching wounds, etc.etc. All in a day's work.

Swell icon, hey?


tabaqui November 13 2006, 01:48:13 UTC
I'm probably not *permanently* harmed.
*checks self*

But damn youse, you got me thisclose!!

Heeeee. Yis. Good icon.


big_pink November 13 2006, 01:53:44 UTC
OMG, where did you get them with...umbrellas? That's so Vancouver, but so not Winchestery. Goddamn, funniest thing I've seen all day!


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