SPN fic: Red 4/10

Oct 21, 2006 01:56

Ownership Issues: St. Francis of Assisi said ‘it is in giving that we receive’. So, here you go. Merry fucking Christmas. These words are mine, but CW owns the rest of the marbles, and they rule the playground.

Rating: This story is what it is, but if I must: Gen, PG-13 for grown up situations faced by children who ought not to have to face ( Read more... )

red, supernatural, fanfic

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janissa11 October 21 2006, 02:44:47 UTC

As if last night wasn't enough, you had to kill me ALL OVER AGAIN. This is the CAPSLOCK OF DEATH, BITCH.

::whimpers dolefully::


big_pink October 21 2006, 03:23:50 UTC
Congratulations for making it all the way through. *hands you a lollipop*

This was the longest freakin' chapter to write. Whew. Erm...and just because Dean went with doesn't mean...well, that's for next chapter, isn't it?

*flounces off to choke down more painkillers*


janissa11 October 21 2006, 11:03:04 UTC
No, I think even at that tender age Dean may well have ulterior motives. I'm just, you know. Broken in general terms after the recent new ep.

And I gotta tell you: Your "longest to write" is my "more time to wallow in the ecstatic experience that is your writing," you know that, right?

You okay? Did my capslock of (not really) death give you a headache? *HUGS* Be good to yourself?

Also, there's just something deeply troubling about that bear's shiny happy grin perched atop a pile of dead meat. I'm...not sure what that means, exactly. Obviously the bear is EVIL PERSONIFIED, but it could only be scarier if maybe the bear took a pork chop in each little paw and started waving them around while it sang "One Singular Sensation" or something. Which...might well have happened five minutes after that picture was taken. Hmm.

Behold! The mystical healing powers of RECLINING BEDROOM-EYE DEAN. Voila!


big_pink October 21 2006, 18:30:33 UTC
The bear is everywhere, I tell you, perpetrating its evil ways. I played it so straight at Save-on-Meats...just asked the guy if he'd hold the bear in the window while I took some shots. I was SO deadpan. Probably helped that JM loomed behind me like my bodyguard. I bought a coffee (hint: don't order coffee at a butchers), took my shot, the guy was INCREDIBLY helpful, like this shit happens all the time, and his co-workers were all WTF-ing in the background.

But if that bear wants to sing Broadway tune, hell, I'll let it. JM and I are already thinking about what we'll do next year, but we hadn't considered show tunes. *ponders*

Oh, and your Capslock of Doom did not precipitate a headache...it's more damn dental work that's reduced my caloric intake to Advil, pâté, lemon custard, and mocha yoghurt. That and red wine.

Oh wait, the story. Right. That. Yeah, kinda heartbreaking and there's this scene coming up, think it's chapter 6...um, yes, well. 'Nuff said.


lemmealone October 21 2006, 03:33:17 UTC
Oh no, oh no, oh no... I have no defense against this after last night's episode. You're killing me. I love it. Don't stop! God, Dean...


northface11 October 21 2006, 04:20:06 UTC
Oh, Deeeeeeean. How does he get into these situations? *wallops John upside the head*

Dean’s attention was on an especially cloying landscape screwed to the wall, another excellent exhibition at the Motel 6 Museum of Fine Art I stayed in a Motel 6 in Port Alberni once that had two prints of the same picture on the wall.

I know I say this a lot, but I love your descriptors, like cutting a diamond in the back of a bouncing pickup truck and scientific study of the lino.

And, as always, I love the protestors. “They’ve taken to the trees.” With fig Newtons! I got fed by the protestors, too, back on Eagleridge, and felt highly immoral.


northface11 October 21 2006, 04:21:02 UTC
Oops. Apparently I'm unable to hit the right comment button. Sorry!


big_pink October 21 2006, 18:36:50 UTC
Oh, Dean gets into these situations because he's Dean. That's all.

Glad you liked the Motel 6 Museum of Fine Art. And the set decorators on SPN must be freakin' high most of the time, the stuff they decorate the motels with. You see that one in ep 4? Damn. I want Sam and Dean to write their own version of Lonely Planet and rate these rooms.

AND I'm very happy you like the protestors, since I know you were dealing with some over the summer. In my experience, the protestors and those they're protesting against often get along fairly well, at least at first.


quellefromage October 21 2006, 04:04:44 UTC
Oh, Dean...poor bambino. That was a long chapter. But very good. So much to love. I really love the camp descriptions, and the hotel and laundry scenes were very nice, and crap, I'm gonna comment more tomorrow, because I'm a very tired camper right now, and this deserves commentary from someone who's got a couple of active brain cells and right now, that ain't me. Bon nuit.


big_pink October 21 2006, 18:40:23 UTC
That WAS a very long chapter. I've warned both the betas that they must beat me soundly with a stick if I ever try that again. It started out shorter, really. And then they just kept adding stuff. I tell you, I've turned into a freakin' secretary for my betas (not really, not ever -- they are always right and I swear to god Lemmypie has solved every single plot problem I've thrown at her, usually off the top of her head. She's so embedded in this story it's crazy.

But I was thinking of you, going off to Roma soon and well, not feeling sorry for you that you'll have to catch up with what happens to Poor Dino (both here and on the show) when you get back.


lemmypie October 22 2006, 12:47:29 UTC
I cuddle with this story at nght....Not kidding.


tabaqui October 21 2006, 04:49:19 UTC
Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude. Damn. I wish Sam'd knock him down and *make* him talk. And damnit - call Jim!!

And...i really wanna see Dean pepper the hell out of the guys with paint. Heh.

Good, good stuff but you're making my heart just *hurt*, here. A lot. And John all doped up on the bed, gah, that's just....skeery.


big_pink October 21 2006, 18:41:52 UTC
Oh yeah. I get a big happy grin just imagining what Brent's in for with the paintball. "Think you can handle one of these babies?"

Oh yeah, Brent. All over it. That's our boy.


elanurel October 21 2006, 05:58:05 UTC
Woah... For the obvious reasons, this one's been hard for me to read. Will comment more tomorrow when brain is working properly...


big_pink October 21 2006, 18:43:35 UTC
Yeah, as I've warned people, this one has some very dark places, but I'm sticking by my rating and trying to be mindful of reality while also spinning a horror story. Comment at will, my dear.


elanurel October 22 2006, 00:47:55 UTC
Oh, doesn't keep me from reading it...just ruminating on it, as all. I like that it's dark, and where I think it's going is something I could see being a part of Dean's past based on the way the character acts. Just some things are a wee bit more personal than others, you know? ;-P


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