kinked {inked sequel}

May 22, 2012 03:39

WARNING!!! hints of slave/master behavior, sexual torture, breathplay, spanking, threesome... did i miss anything?


Lu Han was punished for five days.

Day one: he went to bed with angry red handprints across his ass; it stung so badly that Lu Han barely slept, due to the fact that he had to keep reminding himself to stay on his stomach and not on his back.

Day two: Jongin refused his come-ons for sex, waiting until Lu Han was frustrated - both emotionally and sexually - and went into the bedroom to jerk himself off to take action.  He caught Lu Han in the act, stone-faced as he grabbed Lu Han’s wrists and cuffed them to the headboard, then slid the tightest cockring he could find around Lu Han’s hard dick.  He then left Lu Han like that, on the verge of bursting, eyes wet and whimpering for Jongin to release him and let him release.

Jongin eventually gave him back control of his hands and cock and watched him finish himself off.  Then, he drew his fingers through the mess Lu Han had made and had him swallow all of it, despite the disgusted grimace on his face.

Day three: Jongin cuffed him again, only this time, Lu Han was face-down, ass-up with his ankles shackled as well.  Lu Han mewled as Jongin ramped the vibrator up to its highest level and slid it gently within the confines of Lu Han’s ass, the shaft of the thing twirling slowly.  Once it was in as far as it could go, Jongin left Lu Han there, going to sit in the living room to listen to Lu Han climax and fall apart.

Day four: Jongin fucked Lu Han, hand tightening and loosening around Lu Han’s throat.  He knew how far to push it; when Lu Han actually stopped breathing and looked like he was close to suffocating, he’d let go and let him catch his breath.  But his kindness didn’t last long, for he’d choke him again all the while fucking him so hard his skin was coated in sweat.

Lu Han couldn’t complain though.  He never did.

Day five: Lu Han was sure Jongin had finished exacting his revenge, as he’d gone most of the day virtually unscathed.  He gasped as Jongin cornered him in the kitchen, hands gripping his hips tightly.

“Who’d you let suck you off?” Jongin asked, his voice husky.

“Someone I met at the club,” Lu Han replied, breathless.

“Where does he live?”

“I... I don’t remember.”

“I want you to find him.”


“Just do it.  Don’t ask any questions.”

Lu Han knew better than to talkback.  He also knew where Sehun lived, since he’d had to walk home from there after their encounter the week previous, so without another word he put on his shoes and walked the half-mile back.

Sehun was just as nervous as Lu Han as he followed him through the door of his “daddy’s” apartment.  “Sehun, this is Daddy,” Lu Han meekly introduced, “otherwise known as Jongin.”

“It’s nice to meet you,” Jongin said with a Cheshire cat grin.  “Why don’t you make yourself at home?”

“If this is about what happened last week, I’m sorry --”

“What are you apologizing for?”  Lu Han raised an eyebrow as Jongin laughed and waved Sehun off.  “It’s not a big deal.”

“Then why did you make me bring him here?” Lu Han asked.

“You’ll find out eventually,” Jongin said.  “Go to the bedroom, Lu Han.  We’ll be there in a bit.”

Lu Han hesitantly did as he was told, going as far as to close the door behind him.  Jongin and Sehun stood in completely-still silence for a few beats before Jongin chuckled.

“I was mad, at first,” Jongin admitted.  “I was mad that he’d go and do that behind my back, mad that he’d march in here all smug afterwards and think he’d get away with it.  But I’m not angry anymore.  He knows that, too.”

Sehun said nothing; he was actually a bit afraid of Jongin if he was going to be honest.

“I love him,” Jongin said, and Sehun nodded.  “He’s fucking hot, isn’t he?  No wonder you couldn’t keep your hands off of him last week.”

“We were drunk,” Sehun mumbled.

“Yeah, but he’s hot, isn’t he?”

Sehun shrugged.  “Yeah, I guess.”

“You guess?  You don’t sound very confident for a man that sucked cock in a hallway.”  Sehun felt his cheeks glow red.  “But that’s the past.  You see, I brought you here because... well, to put it frankly, my Lu Han has a very selective taste.  He only ever goes after the boys that are considered attractive universally... not to toot my own horn or anything.  So, I figured, if he chose you out of all of the boys in the club that night, you’d have to be pretty hot yourself.  I got to thinking and decided I wanted a piece of you, too.”

Sehun choked on absolutely nothing.  “I... I don’t know if that’s... necessary.”

“And why’s that?” Jongin asked, crossing his arms.

Because I’m scared of you, Sehun thought.  “I... I don’t know, I just don’t think it is.”

“You can fuck Lu Han, too, you know,” Jongin said with an encouraging smile.  “Or I can not fuck you at all, and just watch you and Lu Han... I’m sure we’d work something out, right?”

Sehun kept quiet, shrinking away as Jongin approached him with a calm smile on his face.

“Look, I’m inviting you to fuck my boyfriend.  How many times in your life will that happen, tell me.”  Sehun bit his tongue.  “Right, after this, never again.  You want to, don’t you?  He told me about the way you fingered him while you nearly choked yourself on his cock... don’t you want to feel that tight ass around your cock?”

Sehun didn’t want to admit it, but the way Jongin was talking was putting him a bit on edge.  He tried to ignore the burn between his legs and shook his head.  “I’d rather not, honestly.”

“Why?  He told me he only jerked you off... why not let him put that hot, wet mouth around your dick for a change, hm?”  Sehun held his breath as Jongin cupped his hand around the front of his jeans and squeezed gently.  “I can feel you getting hard.  I know you want it.”

Sehun couldn’t fathom why that was enough to get him to agree, but it was.  He followed Jongin to the bedroom, where Lu Han sat on the edge of the bed, looking somber as if he was basking in the few minutes he had left before he went to the guillotine.  He looked up and his eyes widened as he realized Sehun was behind Jongin, who was already working on unbuttoning his pants.

Jongin had Sehun and Lu Han kiss each other while he watched; all three of them were completely naked, sitting in a circle in the middle of the bed.

They kissed and Jongin watched in silence; the quiet alone was enough to make the two of them tremble, half out of fear and half out of pure arousal.  Lu Han was the one to break the kiss, looking down at his leg as Jongin trailed a hand up it.

“I’ve never seen you kiss anyone else,” Jongin said, ghosting his fingers along Lu Han’s thigh.  Lu Han sighed, tipped his head back, and closed his eyes.  “I wonder if you kiss me the same way, or if you only kiss so sweetly with everyone else.”

“I kiss you the same way,” Lu Han breathed, digging his nails into Sehun’s calf as Jongin leaned over and dragged his teeth across the thick vein in Lu Han’s neck.  Jongin took Sehun by the wrist and guided his hand to the inner edge of Lu Han’s thigh, coercing him to touch him.  Lu Han let out a desperate whimper and moved the hand on Sehun’s leg to his back, pulling him closer.

“Lay back,” Jongin instructed, despite the fact that he was actively pushing Lu Han back on his own.  Once Lu Han was down, Sehun moved aside and watched Jongin basically bend him in two.  As if it were routine - and, Sehun thought, it probably was, - Lu Han put his hands behind his knees to hold his legs in place while Jongin went and retrieved a bottle of lubricant.

“Straddle his shoulders,” Jongin said to Sehun as he uncapped the bottle and squirted some of the lubricant into his palm.  “I want him to suck you off while I fuck him.”

Sehun glanced at Lu Han, who was already looking at him - perhaps even longingly, as if what Jongin told Sehun to do was what he, too, wanted.  Though he was a bit worried about how straightforward that position was, he obliged, partly because he was scared to find out what would happen if he didn’t.

He swung a leg over Lu Han and tried to get as comfortable as he could; once Lu Han was able to let go of his legs he wiggled his arms from beneath Sehun and let them rest on his thighs, making the position as comfortable as it was going to get.  Sehun knew when Jongin was entering Lu Han from the way Lu Han breathed in sharply and closed his eyes, a look of pure bliss crossing his face.  The first jerk of Jongin’s hips rocked the bed and sent Sehun scrambling to catch himself on his hands before he could fall on top of Lu Han’s face.  This time, he was the one gasping as the wet inner side of Lu Han’s bottom lip pressed against the underside of his cock.

Sehun looked down at Lu Han as the latter of the two dragged his nails up Sehun’s thighs to the small of his back, using Sehun’s body to lift his upper half up as much as he could to slide his lips around his dick.  Sehun cursed under his breath and groaned, fucking into Lu Han’s ever-so-slightly.

Behind Sehun, Jongin was thrusting hard and deep into Lu Han, grunting with every downthrust, panting as he watched Sehun’s back tighten and relax while Lu Han sucked him off.  Jongin reached around one of the legs he had slung over his shoulder to trace the curve of Sehun’s ass with his fingers, leaving wet, shining trails of leftover lube in his wake.  As if he could no longer resist, Jongin moved his fingers until they were teasing Sehun’s hole.  Never letting up with the speed of his thrusts, Jongin slowly pressed two fingers to the tight opening and pushed them inside.

Sehun arched his back then, reaching back and grabbing Jongin by the wrist.  Jongin thought momentarily that Sehun was going to try and pull his fingers back out, so he was shocked when Sehun only guided them deeper inside of him.

“So tight,” Jongin groaned, biting kisses into Lu Han’s slender calf.  “Both of you are so tight.”  Jongin thrust into Lu Han as deep as he could as he watched Sehun fist a chunk of Lu Han’s hair, moving his hips forward into Lu Han’s mouth and backward onto Jongin’s fingers.

Sehun let out a whimper of disapproval as Jongin suddenly removed his fingers.  “Get off of him,” Jongin commanded, pushing Sehun hard enough to have him fall over on the bed.  Lu Han, hair a mess and lips cherry-red, wiped away the excess of spit while he watched Jongin do to Sehun what he’d done to him.

“Lu Han, get on top of him,” Jongin said, and Lu Han did as he was told, laying chest-to-chest with Sehun.  Lu Han smiled, feeling Sehun’s heart thumping against him.

“Nervous?” Lu Han whispered as Jongin prepared himself again.  Sehun nodded and Lu Han laughed, kissing him full on the mouth.  “Don’t be,” he said as he pulled away from the kiss.  “Jongin will be good to you.”

They heard a low buzz and looked to see Jongin with a vibrator, slicked with lube.  Sehun tensed up, thinking it was for him, but as Lu Han leaned back against Jongin’s chest and reached back to guide the vibrator to his ass, he relaxed but only so much.  Sehun looked down at Lu Han’s hard cock; the bold My daddy will kill you tattoo had never been as daunting as it was now.

The vibrator was in all the way to the base when Jongin pushed Lu Han back down on top of Sehun, writhing and moaning and bucking his hips against Sehun.  Lu Han reached between himself and Sehun, took both their cocks into his hand, and started to stroke, his moans sounding almost pained.  Jongin plunged right into Sehun and started pounding away, and Sehun’s string of cuss words were drowned out by the sound of skin against skin against skin, moans, and the bed creaking.

As Jongin pounded Sehun, he took advantage of the position of Lu Han’s ass and started to spank him; the slaps were loud enough to make Sehun worry, despite his lust-blown daze, that Lu Han was being hurt.  Nevertheless, Lu Han’s screams were nothing but pleasure-filled and that somehow brought all three of them teetering close to the edge.

Sehun tensed and squeezed his eyes shut, tangling his fingers in Lu Han’s hair as his vision went white and he came, hard, against Lu Han’s cock and his hand.  As if prompted by Sehun, Lu Han followed suit, biting hard into Sehun’s collarbone as his body convulsed atop Sehun’s.  After a few more shallow thrusts, Jongin joined the rest of them in post-coital bliss, in no rush to remove himself from Sehun.  Lu Han mustered up enough strength to reach back and turn off the vibrator but remained laying on top of Sehun.  Neither he or Sehun was sure they could even separate if they wanted to; their cum seemed to be adhesive, holding them together.

“What Lu Han neglected to tell you,” Jongin said through panting breaths, “was that Daddy only kills the little pieces of shit that try to take Lu Han away from me.”  He leaned over until he was nearly flat against Lu Han’s back and put a hand under his jaw, leaning his head back towards him.  “But Daddy likes to fuck the ones that send him back.  Consider this a thank you.”

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