Karma is a bitch..

Jun 24, 2009 20:08

Whish I had had my phone with me when I went shopping today just to have some visual evidence!

Inside the entrance to the local mini-mart you can hang posters, messages etc.

The other day, someone had hung a piece of paper saying they'd hit a cat with their car. It whent on to explain that the cat was dead and disposed of. It also said what the cat looked like.. I noticed it because the person had started writing the  polite norwegian word for 'from' and then crossed it out and just written her name underneath. (Why she didn't just re-write the note I do not know..)


Today there were another note next to it.. A father wrote that someone had stolen his son's bike from outside the local school and hoped that someone had seen it lying around somewhere..

He'd written up his name and phone no. underneath..

His last name was the same as the cat-killer's name. And it's not one of those at least 400 other people around here share the same name kind of thing..

kill a cat, loose a bike.. that's karma for you!
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