El Orfanato

Sep 02, 2008 12:35

This is all about the plot...so spoilers underneath the cut.

Laura grew up in the Orphanage where she  was one of the lucky ones and got adopted. Years later, she's back with her husband and their adopted son Simon. Their plan is to have 5-6 handicapped children living with them.

Simon has HIV, and will probably die young. This information is revealed when Laura is visited by an older women, Benigna, who claimes to be from the Social Services. Laura and her husband has not told Simon he's adopted nor that he's sick.

Still, Simon confronts Laura with this exact information sometime later. She thinks he overheard her and Benigna talk, but he claims one of his invisible friends told him..

Laura wakes up one night to the sound of metal hitting on metal. She goes outside and catches Benigna in the shed. She flies and is not seen until later in the movie.

Simon shows Laura a game of  'follow the clues' to the hidden treasure. Laura think Simon has made it up himself and is annoyed when Simon claims his invisible friends are behind it..

Laura and her husband throws and costume-party for handicapped children and their families (to see if anyone is interested in placing their kids in the orphanage?)

Simon throws a fit in his bedroom when Laura asks him to come down and join them. He wants to show her a secret place belonging to one of his invisible friends. Laura has no time for it, and tells him so. She is angry at him and leaves him alone.

A little while later, she goes looking for him.  She spots a child with a mask in the hallway and runs after him. When she catches up with him, he pushes her into the bathroom and locks the door. Shortly after, her husband gets her out of there.

She starts looking through the house. She opens a room under the stairs and some heavy stuff falls out and almost hits her. She puts it back inside the little room having first checked and seen if her son is there. Then she runs outside and down to the see to the cave she let him explore when they first moved there. She thinks she sees someone in the distance, but falls and breaks her leg..

Search and rescue doesn't find her son...

She arrives home from the hospital, and at night, she hears weird sounds...

6 months passes, and she tells her husband she can feel the pressence of someone in the house at night..

While in the car one day, she spots Benigna pushing a pram. She gets out of the car, calls her name, Benigna looks at her and is hit by a lorry. Her husband gets out of the car too, and runs to her body while Laura runs to check on the baby in the pram. It turns out there's no baby, just a doll with the same mask her son was last seen wearing.. Benigna dies. Half her lower face is gone and it's nasty.

Laura and her husband contacts the police detective assigned to their case about Benigna. She manages to find out that she worked at the orphenage when Laura was there. She also had a disfigured son who was kept away from the other kids. He wore a mask..

Her son was lured into the cave on the beach for fun by the other kids at the orphenage, and drowned there when the tide came in..

At night, Laura thinks she hears her husband in the bed with her, and talks to him, but he's in the other room. She runs to her son's bedroom and finds a doll under his duvet. She puts it away.

9 months has passed. Laura gets in contact with paranormal investigaters. A medium walks the hallway at night. She hears voices. Kids dying in their beds saying they've been poisoned.. but she can't hear Simon.

Laura's husband doesn't believe it and sends them packing.

Laura believes it on the other hand, and tries to talk to the ghosts. They leave her a sign, and she finds 4 dolls. She remembers the fifth doll and places it with the other dolls. Then she's given another clue...

In the end, she finds the remains of the dead children inside a huge oven in the shed she saw Benigna in. She realises they were her friends when she was at the orphenage.

But she still has one more clue left; a door handle.

After the discovery of the dead bodies, her husband then tells Laura he wants to move. She tells him she wants two days alone in the house to say goodbye...

She tries to make things like they were when she was a child. She puts on a uniform and makes a cake. She asks the children for help finding Simon. But nothing happens. She almost gives up, but tries a game of 'Red light' (You close your eyes count to 3 etc, and say red light and when you turn around, those playing has to stand very still. If you see anyone moving, they have to go back to the starting point. Whoever touches the person who counts first, wins)

The first few times nothing happens, but suddenly, she sees the children...

One of them suddenly touch her, and they all run away. She follows them to the room under the staircase. When she goes inside, the door is shut behind her. She realises she's looking for a clue inside.

She finds a hidden door. And the doorhandle she got earlier, fits. She opens it, and it's a staircase down to the cellar. She walks down and on the bottom, she sees her son. He's alive...

She picks him up and holds him.. but he's gone, and she finds herself holding a blanket..

Then she sees the body of a small child on the ground. Preserved in the dry cellar.

She realises that when she opened the door to the little room under the stairs 9 months erlier, and stuff fell out, she placed it so that her son couldn't get the door open again. The sounds she heard at night, was him kicking the door, and later, when he fell down the stairs and died on the floor..

So in a way.. she killed her son..

She picks her son up and carries him up to the bedroom in the orphanage. She sits down with him on her lap and takes sleeping pills...

many pills..

When she wakes up, it's sunny and her son is alive. She sees her old friends in their beds. They walk towards her and are happy that she's back with them...


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