Long Overdue Post

Apr 04, 2010 21:25

So...I really only use this thing for communities, but since I've noticed a severe dearth of Deadwood gifs on the internet, I decided to make some. Lots of Silas gifs mainly since I can repurpose them for the Lost fandom.

Silas 12-pointing Slippery Dan...or was it Bummer Dan?

(TY, lostsailors!)

Dan and Silas reacting after Al calls out Bullock

Al having a "WTF did I just do?" moment

Silas reacting while Al imitates E.B.'s voice

Ummm...one of the Chez Amis whores fanning her ~aroma. Amuses me since she looks like Charlotte from Lost.

Al is stunned by Johnny's fucking dimwittedness



Al shaking his head at Jimmy Irons

Al is disgusted by Leon

George Hearst spitting on E.B. Farnum

(TY, lostsailors!)

Bonus Nestor Carbonell & Jeremy Davies hugging in The Laramie Project and some Desmond from an upcoming episode of Lost.

Feel free to take, use, make any of the monster-sized ones smaller, or request any particular ones that you'd like to see. :)

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