185 Season 1 Deadwood icons

Apr 23, 2012 13:30

Okay, since I'm posting so many, I'm using spoiler code to group them instead of regular cuts so there isn't a neverending wall of icons when you open this post.

p.s. Some of these are shitty so feel free to adjust the brightness or do whatever else you like.

p.p.s. Enjoy!

[Al Swearengen]

[Alma Garret]

[Brom Garret]

[Calamity Jane]

[Dan Dority]

[Doc Cochran]

[E.B. Farnum]


[Jack McCall]


[Joanie Stubbs]

[Johnny Burns]


[Seth Bullock]

[Silas Adams]

[Sol Star]


[Wild Bill Hickok]

[Mr. Wu]

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