Shopping Post!

Jun 09, 2009 20:19

I was in dire need of new shirts. I have tons of bottoms, lots of dresses, but absolutely no tops what so ever. So when I got paid on Friday, I went shopping and got some new tops from American Eagle. They're so pretty I want to show you guys. Here they are:

The pattern was is so pretty. I like the flowers.

I'm wearing this one right now. It's so comfy and makes my boobs look fantastic.

This is more of a dressier top. It would look great with my skinny jeans.

I love AE polos so much, and pink is my favorite color.

I wanted a plaid shirt so bad for the longest time. I saw this and fell in love. It was so pretty! Plus, it happened to remind me of this:

All together, I spent $109. All totally worth it.

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