I fangirl, therefore I am!

May 04, 2011 13:33

Hey, folks.

So I tend to fangirl hard, right? For any of you that have been around here for very long at all, you know this about me. I fall for a character and sometimes that leads me to the real life person--and sometimes that's a risky investment. Characters with flaws are considerably easier to bear than douchey actors, am I right? (Mark Salling, I'm looking at you.) But every once in a while my fangirl activism has led me to find people I admire not just for their art, but for their integrity, intelligence, and overall pure classiness.

Julianna Margulies is one of those people. I'm embedding the speech she gave last year at her Alma Mater, Sarah Lawrence, in New York. I'd encourage all of you to watch it, even if you never loved her on ER, or you somehow, foolishly, are not currently watching The Good Wife (best drama on television, hands down, IMHO). I stumbled across this last night, and thought, oh, I'll just watch a few minutes of it (it's 26 minutes long), but before I knew it, I was sucked in, and I found myself loving her even more than I already did. She's got wise words for these graduating students, but really, the reason it's such a great speech is because it's TRUE, universally. Seriously, watch it. It will make you think.

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