Sep 14, 2010 12:31

Yesterday dinner at Higematsu with Laura, Jaggi and Johannes!

It was so nice seeing everyone again and of course, the food was delicious! I was really hungry and ordered:

- Ebi Furai
- Tai Usuzukuri
- Agedashi Tofu
- Tsukune Yaki

aaaah, I love Higematsu. We gave Jaggi her gift, the friendship book?? and she liked it! =D Lots of laughs~ weather was nice too and my parents came to pick us up, Jack in tow! <333

Finally my mother and her nice nose and Johannes and his nice nose met!

What do you think about the name 'Impact'? I wanna name my future son that. XDDD =P

But I am going to miss her soo much (Jaggi, that is). But I will defnitely visit her in Japan, maybe spring or summer of 2011. <3

Jaggi I LOOOVE U. T-check!

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