Long time no see

Jul 13, 2010 14:07

I like summer. But not a 38°C summer.

I bought the DVD of I'm a cyborg but that's okay and hah, that film is hilarious. "The meaning of life is radish!" "I stole Thursday" Wanna buy Detroit Metal City though...

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is great, I love RDJ! Have my babies~ I think I have a weakness for older, greta looking men. Such a Sherlock Holmes fangirl

What else? Cirque du Soleil was great aaaaand I signed up for my oral exam in Cyborgs, robots and aliens. Gurgh. @_@

Wanna see the new Ghibli movie, trailer looks great! Ghibli music is fabulous, especially this one:

image Click to view

I ate Dim Sum today. I think I had too many expectations or the food was just average. :/

But I'm happy!

argh, cirque du soleil, food, rdj

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