J2 Ever After: Sacred Grounds

Feb 15, 2013 00:10

A drawing for j2-everafter, the prompt was Princess Mononoke.
I signed up really late and was surprised that this prompt was still available :D

Title Sacred Grounds Artist artmetica Rating PG-13 Genre RPF AU, fusion, fantasy Characters J2 pre-slash, a wolf Prompt Princess Mononoke 「もののけ姫」 Warnings long-haired Jensen, some blood,
cross-cultural elements, a giant wolf, unbetaed Preview

I used this wolf anatomy tutorial. Without it, the wolf would've ended up looking like a non-existent domestic dog breed ^^;
The background foliage in the first pic were done with a brush I found, it's very fast and handy! Sadly I dunno who the original owner is, not sure if it's OK to redistribute here. But I'll link it via PM if anyone wants it.
As for the wolf's fur, it's Photoshop's default hard round brush in tight zigzags.
Also, I've been sick and tried to finish these quickly that I ended up making more coloring mistakes, there's at least one that's maybe kinda fatal ^^; haha

About Mononoke. I didn't understand much of the movie when I watched it as a kid. It's thanks to this challenge that I finally found an English version XD Yay!
BTW I was wondering how to cast this, then I found this pic of a guy who... kinda looks like Jared, no? ^^ So Jared became the "human" prince.

  • Digital tools:
    Wacom Graphire4, Adobe Photoshop CS3
  • Textures:
    Rocks 1 2 3 4 | Water (this one's good!)
  • Tutorials used:
    Wolf anatomy 1 2
  • Brushes:
    My brush set, Photoshop default brush (hard round, chalk), a custom brush (foliage)

art: fan art, art: speedy, pairing: j2, fandom: rpf

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