SPN Reverse Bang: Breathe

Nov 29, 2012 12:31

Art prompt and some additional quickies for Breathe by fine-feathered, as part of spn_reversebang 2012
The pics are a little spoilery, go read the fic ^_^

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     Prompt title : Vantage Point      Artist : artmetica      Fic Title : Breathe      Author : fine-feathered      Fandom/Genre : Supernatural, AU      Pairing : Dean/Castiel      Rating : PG-13      Word Count : 18.5k      Warnings (art) : Murder, scars      Summary : Castiel is an assassin assigned to kill two men who have recently escaped from the shadowy organisation E.D.E.N. Little does he know that meeting them will lead him on a journey where everything familiar and certain is left behind and everyone has secrets.      Thanks to :
  • fine-feathered for giving this prompt a home and writing a beautiful fic. She has so much excitement for this, and she works really fast too *_* Thank you for the experience, dear!
  • spn-reversebang mods and participants, thank you for keeping this challenge running :D

Vantage Point

This was the prompt (#1039)
Running out of time and not knowing what to draw, I used a random word generator ^^ The word Vantage came out and made me think of a sniper :p

A few additional pics based on the final fic:

One of my favorite scenes ♥
I made a simple zipper brush for this one, here it is if anyone wants to try :)

There are more sketches but I'm too slow to finish those ^^;
I didn't even draw Cas' whole face here, see? :p
Thanks for viewing :)

art: fan art, pairing: dean/castiel, art: speedy, fandom: supernatural

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