the last episode of NCIS: NOLA

May 27, 2021 20:19

i finally got around to watching it & had some thoughts.

it definitely felt like a series ending, but it also felt like a season ending. i don't know how far in advance the writers knew it was going to end.

i was really hoping they would've shipped the kid off. i'm almost glad the show ended, because if they would've continued, he'd quickly become the cousin oliver of the series.
he doesn't want to go to college, he wasn't to tour with her garage band.
he got his girlfriend pregnant & now hast to grow and take responsibility.
he's arrested for receiving stolen goods because he wanted to buy his uncle a birthday present.
or maybe he'd get shipped off to college and never heard from again, like loretta's oldest son.
anyway, down with NCIS: hawaii!

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