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Feb 18, 2021 00:12

CBS is closing up shop on one of its three NCIS dramas.

NCIS: New Orleans, the youngest show in the franchise, will end with its current seventh season. The series finale of the Scott Bakula-led drama will air May 16 on CBS.

“It has been our sincere pleasure and honor to work on this show and with this incredible cast and crew for over 150 episodes,” said executive producers Christopher Silber and Jan Nash. “As disappointed as we are to see NOLA end, we couldn’t be prouder of the work we’ve done and are grateful to the spectacular and resilient Crescent City that embraced us for seven wonderful years.”

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it's not a big surprise, considering the rating have been falling for a while. but like i said awhile back, since NCIS has been going on for so long (19 yeas now) if any of the others fall short, they look like failures.

so instead of supporting their current NCIS shows CBS is now starting a new one set in hawaii. basically hawaii; 5-0 reinvented. i hope it flops.

ETA: i blame CBS putting bull in their old time slot right after NCIS. for the first two season it was doing good with 12 million plus viewers an episode (second season ratings here) they they moved it to 10 pm and they were only getting 8 million to 11 million (third season ratings) and things began to fall off from there.
bull didn't need that time slot, they could've had it at 10 pm or on another night. it had a guy from NCIS, if people liked him they would go watch it. moving NCIS: NOLA to sundays half-way thru last season to follow NCIS: LA didn't help and made the problem worse.

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