the amazing race

Dec 07, 2020 02:09

it is getting down the the final 5 and there's no one that i want to win (maybe the married parents), but who i hope doesn't win are the boyfriends. they seem kind of evil, especially the shorter one.

they're not as bad as in the season with the former miss teen U.S.A. contestant who gave a rambling answer about maps. she wore a headband reminiscent of a pageant crown & one half of a girlfriends team never missed a chance to belittle her about anything.

and at least they're playing by the rules. not like in the season with the blond sister & dark-haired brother team, who smiled constantly. at one overnight stop (not a pit stop) he poked his head into the tent of the "bowling moms" team and then their alarm didn't go off. i believe to this day he turned it off. which, in my opinion, supports Ferengi rule of acquisition #48; The bigger the smile, the sharper the knife.

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