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May 17, 2020 23:33

i wonder what would the history of star trek movies & shows had been like if they had the star trek phase II series in the late '70s.

for those who don't know or remember;
Star Trek: Phase II was the initial working title for what officially became titled Star Trek II, an unproduced American science fiction television series created by Gene ( Read more... )

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nialla42 August 10 2020, 19:04:31 UTC
I've always wondered if Phase II had happened, would it have been successful enough to have other Trek shows going at the same time? We had several years in which more than one Trek series was airing, so could we have had it earlier?

And if the series were successful, would we have ever seen Trek on the big screen? If Paramount were raking in money from series, especially with syndication and DVD deals, would a movie or series of movies have been appealing to them?


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