a very random thought

Jun 28, 2020 02:16

i don't know why this came int my head while i was trying to sleep last night; most of the murders & victims in the columbo series were white, with a few exceptions (going mostly by my memory & the episode list on wikipedia).

one of the victims in short fuses was african-american.
the murderer in mind over mayhem was porto rician, but there are white porto ricians so IDEK.
one of the murders in a case of immunity is a porto rican actor (see above comment), but was playing someone from a fictional middle eastern country. both victims were from the same made up country, but they were played by white people.
the murderer in a matter of honor is latino & the victim is supposed to be, but i'm pretty sure the actor was white.

also, i think only a few of the police officers were POC & at least once he had an african-american sergeant working with him.

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