random NCIS: NOLA thoughts

Mar 14, 2020 19:47

The may be spoilers.

so lund in in the NCIS version of SWAT, now what? does he go off on missions? is he reserve personnel? is this a plot point that will go nowhere?

the man in red/dream thing got solved. it went on for a bit before getting wrapped up. which is what should have happened with the agent brody's sister story-line back in like season 2.

nice to see the writers remember dr. wade has kinds. how old is CJ now 13? the older brother is roughly 8-9 years older. probally won't hear about either of them until like next season.

just looked up the ratings and the move to sunday hasn't helped so far. and the fact that they didn't come back from the "winter break" until the middle of feb didn't do them any favors.

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