disney's robin hood fic

Feb 10, 2020 21:43

Robin sighed and looked at the scratches on the wall, ten days in prison now for a very minor infraction, but the French were immune to that line of reasoning. Not much of a honeymoon.

Suddenly the dirt floor in front of him fell into a hole as a spade broke though, followed by Marian dressed in what looked like one of his old outlaw outfits.

Robin, ignoring the dirt she was sprinkled with, embraced his wife in firm hug, a moment later she was pushed out by Little John who asked; "Hey Rob, don't you know a jailbreak when you see one?"

since the post is at 4600+ comments now, a new post for this has opened up. you can still reply to things, but not post new prompts. the whole thing is going on until feb. 29, but these things usually slow way down after the first week and/or a new post opens up.


conuly has gathered all the unanswered ones & grouped them by fandom, if you want to look for something unanswered.

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