festivid time

Jan 26, 2020 00:49

the full list is here at Ao3.

here are the ones i liked (warnings and such at the respective post);

apple blossom (raiders of the lost ark)

money good (hustlers)

call me (birds of prey comic book series)

i will never let you down (simon & simon)

sisters are doing it for themselves (on the basis of sex-RBG RPF)

the fire (america ninja warrior)

and while putting a festivid tag on these posts i discovered i didn't do one for 2017. (of course that was during the time my life had turned to liquid crap) some of them seemed familiar, but i can't find where i posted the ones i liked; so here they are;

gone, gone gone (101 dalmatians)

best friend (the nanny)

may fortune favor the foolish (galaxy quest)
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