playstation VUE is folding up

Nov 03, 2019 20:43

the last day is jan. 30, 2020.

it's a bummer, because it what me & my brother used. they kept raising prices and dropping channels, but at least you could stream it though your PS4. which was apparently part of a low number of subscribers because people thought you needed the PS4 to use it. you could have the app trough other tings, but it was better through the PS4.

the last billing day is in dec. so, you get (nearly) all of jan. for free.

so no we're looking at youtubeTV, which you need to buy a roku for. they have one for around $30, but if you want a headphone jack in the remote, it's like $60. and if you use headphones, it eats up the batteries. we're thinking of getting rechargeable ones.

youtubeTV has about 100 channels more for the same cost as PS VUE per month, but too many are sports. the good new is they have more movie channels. and when you record stuff, the system keeps if for 6 months as opposed to PS Vue, that only kept them for 30 days.

now we have to catch up on what we recorded and note what shows are on what channels when to find on the new system.

people on the sony forums say they can't get an answer if similar services will have an app available though the PS systems some day or not. just our luck, they WILL have a youtubeTV app & we will have bought a roku for nothing.

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