NCIS: NOLA season 6

Oct 03, 2019 00:44

my thoughts drift into spoiler territory.

pride looks older this season. either my eyes are catching up with scott bakula's age, or they're making him look bad because pride is not sleeping.
as for the not sleeping and weird dreams, will this go on as long as the angel of death thing?
i wonder if his issues with his dad are one of the causes of not sleeping?
how much will they have the half-brother this season?
that place his mother is in looks fancy and i feel they changed it to be local instead of it being in france like i suspected.
and his mother was more in the present than they made it seem when he called her that one time. or it could've been just a very bad day for her.
pride is back in charge of the team & most everything is right with the world.
i wonder what old case or mission got agent khoury on the NCIS deputy director 's crap list?
BTW i don't trust the NCIS deputy director, but then i tend not to trust new characters they bring in on the fringes.

the ratings so far are....not great. i remember when they were twice that.

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