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rthstewartthis is back from march because i don't check out her DW often.
If you’ve not followed the epic rants on Twitter, a white male pro author (who is apparently pretty good) and the Guardian suddenly discover Narnia fan fic and wildly praise his scintillating tale of the years before Jadis’ rule and the creation of the Stone Table. The article and a separate opinion piece bemoan that this brilliant story cannot be published nor the author compensated for his amazing work because there is that crotchety thing known as property rights in copyrighted material, in this case owned by the Lewis estate. But, the praise continues, this fan fic is SO good, maybe it's time to re-examine copyright laws!

Oh such a tragedy. Men extolled for writing fan fic (so much so that his friends start lobbying for the law to be changed) and women mocked.

she suggested that those who have written fan fic for a long time (or in my case, just dabble a lot) write a "few hundred words extolling your virtues as a fan fic or other creator in fandom."

so i did

portrait of an obscure writer by jo king

you may have stumbled across her work, but may not know her name. i met up with the the internet user known as archersangel at a local panaera bread where i find that she has entered into a self-professed "goth phase" dressed in all in the requisite black; tail coat, t-shirt, leggings, socks, converse high-tops & a piece of black lace holding back her long, wavy, chestnut hair sprinkled with silver. including round, black frame glasses. plus a fair amount of silver jewelry.

aangel, as she is sometimes known, got her start writing in the old

sg1_five_thingscommunity, a.k.a the pentangular gate on live journal in in august 2007. "started as an anonymous poster & then used my blogspot open-id." where she would write 195 "more or less, i messed up on the numbering." pieces. mostly sg-1, but on occasion something for atlantis or universe. she was devastated when the community folded in november 2012 "i'd pour one out, but i don't drink." she commented sadly.

she admits that she was not the most popular poster, with a disregard for punctuation, capitalization & grammar. "i did get some nice replies & one person admitted to tearing up over 2 recurring dreams & 3 recurring nightmares janet fraiser has so i guess that was something."

during her time posting 5 things in 2009 aangel got a dreamwidth account and stumbled across
synecdochic 's challenge to put her original character of jd neilson (the young clone of sg-1's jack o'neill from the episode fragile balance) into other fandoms while hitchhiking. she wrote 2 such stories, numbers 7 & 22 on this list.

after her five things run ended, archersangel resigned herself to never posting fic again. but then discovered a 3-scentnce fic-a-thon run by
rthstewart in early 2013 and later that year one run by .

caramelsilveraangel confesses to stretching the rules a little. "a run-on sentence is still a stenence." she has written about 3 dozen between the two over the years in a long list of fandoms; star trek (TOS, TNG, DS9, VOY, but as of now not ENT) star wars (the original trilogy & the prequels), stargate: sg-1, harry potter, the mummy (1999), a the mummy (1999)/amelia peabody crossover, real person fic "more like historical fiction really.", greek myth, batman (TAS & the burton era movies), buffy the vampire slayer tv series, little women (novel), & even a laura ingalls wilder/wild wild west (tv series) crossover.

after she comes back from refilling her black iced tea, i ask archerangel what other fandoms she might try her hand at. she thinks a moment while tapping a finger with an ebony colored fingernail against ink-stained lips. "maybe the mrs. murphy series by rita mae brown, the midnight louie series by carole nelson douglas, the cat who... series by lillian jackson braun, the sarah kelling series by charlotte macleod, the roma sub rosa series by steven saylor. ncis: new olreans, quantum leap, pehaps the amazing race." she shrugs her shoulders & shakes her head. "and whatever else catches my interest. i guess we'll see."

yes. i'm sure we will.

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