we made it onto google street view

Apr 02, 2019 01:04

way back in oct. i posted that my brother & i saw the google car that goes around taking pictures for their street vew. well my brother was looking up something in the town we were in then, noticed that the date on the pictures was oct. 2018 and decided to see if were were there. and we are ( Read more... )

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nialla42 April 2 2019, 18:13:29 UTC
At least you didn't get one of those weird "ghostly" images due to how the scanning works. There can be timing lags, plus images are sometimes merged, so bits of you might appear in one image, and bits in another.

I live in the boonies, so they haven't scanned my house, but they have scanned where I work, so my car is immortalized in the parking lot.


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