Dec 14, 2018 00:08

so that WHOLE thing was just so amelia parsons could kill pride? and they brought back his father just to kill him? i think i would've like it better if thy just kept him in witness protection. i bet this makes his issues with his dad worse.
and i thought for sure ASAC thompson was involved.

i'm surprised that the half brother is still around. i keep thinking they will kill him off soon. maybe with some brain thing. because the woman that runs that herbal remedy shop/bakery said she gave him something for his migraines.

i'm also getting tired of this whole "angel of death" thing. i really thought they would wrap it up in november sweeps.

this series is starting to drag a little, but i'll keep watching because i'm a glutton for scott bakula punishment.

ETA: and this was the fall/winter finale, so there won't be a new one until after the new year.

and the ratings are going up & down like some kind of roller coaster.

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