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Dec 10, 2018 00:33

not sure when i started noticing all of the women carrying designer bags around here, but now i notice them when i go out.

i mostly seen them at the local wal-mart (because that's where i get food every week) but also the few times i go to the mall.

it's mostly coach bags, wallets & wristlets (noticed my first coach backpack a few days ago). along with michael kors (either with the MK log plastered all over or the more subtle MK tag-thing. a few louis vuitton with the standard LV design or the small checkerboard pattern. one small prada purse. and what appear to be one or two gucci bags (or they're possibly a similar pattern just different enough not to violate the law).

so either 1. people around here have more money than i thought. 2. most of these come from consignment shops or discount places (a tj maxx opened here a few years ago) 3. women are giving up coffee & manicures for awhile to save money for this stuff. or 4. some of these are not the real thing.

and the odd thing is (well maybe not odd) that when i went to another town about 12 miles away to see what their wal-mart had (sometimes there's different food) i didn't see one designer bag. maybe i wasn't paying attention like i normally do or the ones that have them just weren't there at that time.

and while looking at pictures of these things on eby & shopgoodwill (time waster to say the least) i noticed that while often the outside is nice the inside has a God awful color and/or pattern. ETA: and that goes double for vera bradley bags that are often eye-cossingly God awful inside and out. This entry was originally posted at Please comment there using OpenID.

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