harry potter dream

Dec 07, 2018 00:06

i was at hogwarts (i think) in some room or other. harry had given luna some sort of box (more of a wooden display case to put on a table) to keep this pocket watch-like thing in that she had gotten from someone.

well the two man shaped charms on the watch chain didn't like the box & didn't think luna deserved the pocket watch-like thing and ran off with it.

that was bad enough, but they also took $200,000 (i don't they don't use dollars in the UK, but that's what my brain understands so it put that out) that she had hidden inside the box. i think it was for some sort of dumbledore's army thing.

i was really upset, not just because of the money, but & had scrimped and saved for months to donate $1,000 to the cause. i remember crying that i practically starved just to save a few knuts (i was proud that i had pulled the word out of nowhere). but in the dream i called them copper knuts, but they're really bronze.

this is the first time that i can remember dreaming about harry potter. i mean, it's possible that i did before, but if it's true that you dream 3 times per night & it's been about 16 years since i've seen the first movie. well, you do the math on the possible number of dreams i could've had. it's unlikely that i could recall any HP dreams id i did have any before.

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