NCIS: NOLA S5 E5 thoughts

Oct 29, 2018 23:44

so the casino manager (or whatever she was) wanted to rob the place, but when 2 people got killed she freaked out & that's why she wanted prides father to burn the money? or she came to her seances (apparently she was a drug addict, a fact they dropped in at the last moment) and figured her mob-connected bosses would be after her? this wasn't explained very well.

i really thought pride's half-brother would get it at the end. and sending the dad off to witness protection was a neat way to get rid of the character that had not popped up since his release from prison. not as bad as sending lasalle's brother off to some kind of mental facility (off camera) to explain why he doesn't show up again.
i wonder how long they'll have the half-brother before he gets killed, or forgotten about.

and now that they got rid of the fabulous ford productsTM lasalle has a big GMC truck. or a giant GMC as my brother called it to try some alliteration.

and i've been thinking about pride's bar, the tru tone. if i recall he was going to call it some convoluted thing like with charity for all (WCFA for short) but the writers got away from that (also can't find info on it). tru tone is eaiser to pronounce & makes more sense.

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