did lovecraft write about a goa'uld?

Oct 07, 2018 21:49

i'm not into the h.p. lovecraft stories (or similar) and most of what i do know came from a couple of the real ghostbusters episodes. and whatever episode of will wheaton's table top where they played a game about "the old ones" or something.
but i discovered this wikipedia entry on nyarlathotep a long time ago & for some unknown reason decided to bookmark it. watching the latest episode of ghost adventures, whey they talk about lovecraft, reminded me of this fact.

the part of the article that made me think it was about a goa'uld (something lovecraft wrote some 70 years before stargate) was this;
In his first appearance in "Nyarlathotep" (1920), he is described as a "tall, swarthy man" who resembles an ancient Egyptian pharaoh.[1] In this story he wanders the Earth, seemingly gathering legions of followers, the narrator of the story among them, through his demonstrations of strange and seemingly magical instruments.

or maybe someone involved in stargate is/was just a lovecraft fan? either way, i think i'm going to delete this link from my bookmarks.
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